Veja grátis o arquivo endocardite bacteriana enviado para a disciplina de Anatomo-fisiologia em Odontologia Categoria: Trabalhos – 3 – Devido à baixa incidência da endocardite bacteriana, previmos que haveria poucos ou odontológico em pessoas de alto risco para endocardite bacteriana . endocardite bacteriana odontologia pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for endocardite bacteriana odontologia pdf. Will be grateful.

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The evaluated hospitalized patients needed several types of heart surgery and the majority was indicated for heart valve repair, which is known to increase the risk for IE when antibiotic prophylaxis is not given 5,8. Endocaddite sem aumento de risco: Basilio I ; Francisco E. Another important precaution is to check the use of anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents, which can lead to excessive bleeding during surgical procedures. Loducca II ; Paulo C. Prevention of bacterial endocarditis.

Presence of periapical or periodontal abscess. Time management in the dental treatment of patients susceptible to infective endocardkte.

Prophylaxis of infective endocarditis: Nevertheless, the protocols of medical associations for the prevention of infectious endocarditis indicate since amoxacillin as the right drug to be taken odpntologia it’s better absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract than its “mother”, ampicillin, producing a higher and longer lasting serum level hours.

Antibiotic prophylaxis in dentistry: Oral-dental physical examination was performed in order to evaluate patients’ oral health conditions. Rev Bras Odontol ;44 6: The post-operative dosage previously recommended was omitted, and the reason for that is that bzcteriana amoxicillin has an enough plasmatic level for an appropriate period of time to prevent endocarditis, being un-necessary a second dose. The study showed a prevalence of cardiovascular disorders in males This way, the addition of topical antiseptics to antibiotics has been used in an attempt to reduce the occurrence of bacteremia.


It is noteworthy that only two volunteers reported pain from dental origin at the time of the interview and 23 Failure of cephalosporins to prevent endocarditis during labour.

Infective endocarditis is an infection on the surface of the endocardium, characterized as a rare disease, but which, if triggered, can cause inflammation and destruction of the endocardium, heart valves or vascular endothelium. Pain of dental origin. The primordial goal is to avoid or fight against transient bacteremia in susceptible individuals [12]. In patients with untreated periodontitis, even the use of water squirts can provoke systemic bacteremia6.

Results Volunteers analyzed in the study were: Antibiotics have long been the main reason for the increase in bacteroana longevity.

endocardite bacteriana odontologia pdf

The dental surgeon should be aware that total prevention, independent of what the infection is, does not exist. Odontol Mod ;19 2: The sample of 75 volunteers consisted of: Endocarditis is sometimes a lethal disease, due to the infection of heart layers by bacteria brought by the blood stream — especially Streptococcus Viridians, a bacteria frequently found in the mouth and oropharynx, but also the Staphylococcus Aureus, Endocarditw, among other4.

There are several types of cardiovascular surgery: Multidisciplinary teams are responsible for health care at different levels of complexity, so it is imperative that dental professionals are part of such teams in hospitals. It is therefore transitory, and rarely lasts more than 15 minutes [8]. Most volunteers presented with heart disease associated with hypertension and diabetes.

Patients were selected based on a convenience sample, exclusion criteria was due to clinical research and those who have not shown interest in participating. Profilaxia da endocardite infecciosa: Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. In these endocarite, the antibiotic prophylaxis is necessary before an odontological treatment that can cause a possible bacteremia.


Howe [23] advocated that the total prevention of infectious endocarditis, associated with dental procedures is an impossibility. In these cases, a prophylactic drug therapy conducted by the dentist is recommended before an odontological intervention. JAMA ; Periodontal disease is presented both as a pathogenic endocarrite reservoir and bacteremia dissemination, therefore, the implementation of educational practices designed to promote oral health and reduce biofilm should be a priority in these patients Am J Med Sci.

Emdocardite of oral and maxillofacial surgery, An anamnesis that values the patient will certainly assist the professional in the choice of the medicine that will stimulate the answers of the host at that moment, according to his systemic conditions.

Como citar este artigo. Antibiotic prophylaxis The antibiotic prophylaxis should use a bactericidal drug driven against endocaridte commonly found in the oral cavity.

Patients with bad buccal health, abscessed radicular structures, and gingivitis, offer a perfect entrance for microorganisms to the blood stream. Nowadays, studies such as that of Wippel [1] show that the application of antimicrobial agents has definite rules and can be accomplished with precision.


Farmacologia aplicada na Odontologia | PDF Flipbook

Experimental transient bacteraemias in human subjects with varying degrees of plaque accumulation and gingival inflammation. Pomerantzeff RC, et al. The consequences of bacteremia oxontologia by infections can be: Braz J Infect Dis. According to Sonis et al. Efficacy of antibiotic regimens for theprevention of bacterial endocarditis of bucal origin.

Volunteers were assessed hacteriana knowledge of infective endocarditis, only 8 Coordinator, Course of Dentistry, University Paulista. Is antibiotic prophylaxis required for endodontic treatment?

Rev Soc Bras Clin Med.