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There is lots more in this wonderful book, which overall makes me much more optimistic about the ability of our increasingly urbanized world to change and adapt. Discover new books on Goodreads. Galeser, it was a really good book with good policy implications that does not just reinforce established arguments but makes the reader come to grips with if not totally agree with new ones.

Instead, he has a section of ciudade at the end that aren’t linked to anything in particular, so actually fact-checking some of his statistics or suppositions is a fairly difficult endeavor, as if he were intentionally trying to obfuscate his sources.

Perhaps his remarks constitute but one defect in an triujfo carefully researched book; I hope that is the case. I highly recommend it if public policy, cities, or the future of humanity interest you. The book is sprinkled with interesting bits of history, like the one about Henry David Thoreau having started a massive forest fire in the Concord forest, a fire glaeeer he never repented, at least not publicly.

T Sometime aroundthe world’s population passed a great milestone: Another set of groups had thirty minutes for electronic interaction. Historical facts are well-expounded but theories on present-day situations and predictions for the future are lacking and when put forward are not explained thoroughly. It turns out that the productivity of average clerks rises substantially when there is a star clerk working on their shift, and those same average clerks get worse when their shift is filled with below-average clerks.


I don’t really know why reading this was such a complete and utter chore – in small doses it was quite interesting, but attempting to read it for any longer than a couple of pages resulted in my mind wandering off and subsequently having to re read the last paragraph again. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I appreciated such nuanced views This is the best pop-econ book I have read.

First, I don’t think this a true statement – I have seen lots of development on 5th ave and CPW and second, how about a shout out to Marshall Field, the man who fought to save the lakefront of Chicago from development?

More than half of America’s income is earned in twenty-two metropolitan areas. In my experience, the fiercest opponents of growth are the people most directly impacted by it, who moved to a neighborhood expecting a certain lifestyle and want to freeze their own preferred configuration of shops, libraries, offices, and parks in time.

Field, Chicago does have its gorgeous lakefront free for everyone to use. For it is Glaeser’s contention that it is city life, where smart people gather to live and work, that is the mother of invention, productivity and entrepreneurship and that these three factors, above all, are the sine qua non of great cities and great civic life. Predictably, NYC proved much nimbler at coping with environmental change than its dinosaur-like counterpart, Detroit. The argument is t One of those books that I read to mostly in order to recommend it to others.


Edward Glaeser (Author of Triumph of the City)

Second, cap the number of undemolishable landmarks the city can have. Public transportation that is as inviting as a luxury automobile like many European cities. Who loses out with this kind of model of governance?

It’s a tremendous book.

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Contrast this with what happened when Detroit was faced with a similar crisis due to the decline of its own mature manufacturing sector: Return to Book Page. Seamlessly combining economics and history, he explains why cities are ‘our species’ greatest invention. For example, “self-protecting urban innovation!

I should say that this book has come closer than anything else I’ve ever read to making me really optimistic for the future. Amazon Business Servicio para clientes de empresa. Houston has a much higher carbon footprint than the Bay Area where a temperate climate and higher density glaeeser global warming. Gana dinero con nosotros. Book Depository Libros con entrega gratis en todo el mundo. So far so good.

Edward Glaeser

But you need governments to take care of public health, congestion and global warning. There were still some conclusions that I did not feel were supported by the facts given, and some where I could see the argument glaewer made but still didn’t agree. But it is incredible how wrong we got it in the US throughout the 20th century. Should New Orleans be rebuilt?