It took me many years to acquire Ed Marlo’s “Riffle Shuffle Systems” book, the first of his three seminal volumes on shuffle work. Now, Jon. Comments: Artifices & Principes of the Riffle Shuffle. Contents (courtesy , no longer active). 1 Method of Handling the Cuts 10 The Closed. RIFFLE SHUFFLE SYSTEMS Ed Marlo SIGNED & NUMBERED Gambling ROUTINE Card MAGIC | Books, Antiquarian & Collectible | eBay!.

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Is this Marlo’s complete works on riffle stacking or is there more? He was one of the most prolific and influential creators of card magic. An ebook on an intriguing aspect of card magic.

Called “one of the most important tapes of the Millennium” by Matt Field, this tape lets you get to know the real Ed Marlo. Revolutionary card technique, chapter one: Sywtems Magic, Gambling Demonstrations Topic: Ed Marlo Year Printed: This manuscript explores in detail the possibilities of the ‘Double Count’. He was one of the most notable names in card magic with groundbreaking publications and a staggering amount of new sgstems and innovations.

I thought it would make it more of collectors item? Thanks a lot guys! I love the immediacy of the feedback.

Riffle Shuffle Systems

Watch the master as he goes through advanced dealing and pass techniques, as only Eddie could. A great eiffle from Marlo is: Edward Marlo and Jon Racherbaumer study three similar effects: Exclusive, historical footage is now available in a digital format for the first time for serious card workers everywhere.

This is a major evet for lovers of card magic. Gary Plants Special user Posts.

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Riffle Shuffle Finale (Edward Marlo)

He offers to prove his point. His first publication shuftlePasteboard Prestowas an unheralded thunderbolt which merely hinted at the bulk of work which was to follow. When I received it it was signed and it said that it was an “Official Xerox Copy” and he signed it.

The Comparison Method Second Method: We will escalate cases with eBay if bidders do not submit payment within the 5 day period following the auction’s systfms. As far as collectors item If for whatever reason an item you have received does not match our listing we will always issue you a hassle-free full refund on return of the item which will also include any postage costs you have incurred.

He did not limit himself to cards as he also authored works shuflfe coin magic and dice magic. Here is a treat for serious card lovers. The volume is available as an e-book for ‘Premium’ subscribers to http: I also have a signed xerox copy of a Marlo Manusript.

One of the five cards is a double facer. As the title implies, the possibilities seem unlimited.

I wanted to buy a copy of Advanced Fingertip Control from Marlo to complete my collection Since I consider all books to be “works in progress,” I’m partial to the experimental process of treating books and manuscripts as though they were “programs” to be periodically revised, augmented, emended, and upgraded. Back to home page. The Shank Shuffle Edward Mmarlo Here is a deceptive, all purpose false shuffle that ehuffle card man will be able to do.

Personally signed and numbered. Plus an innovation called Marlo’s secret Gimmick, which carries you even farther into the world of Acrobatic Cards. Watch as Ed demonstrates and explains: Systemz, please forgive the hucksterism. Questions If you have questions regarding this item or would like to get in touch with us, please send us a message through eBay or you may contact us through our website, Regency Antique Books.


If you have questions regarding an item please get in contact so we can help you further before the auction’s close. I appreciate the timeliness of it. Marlo’s coin magic has a wonderful imaginative quality. The rest of the book deals with Applied Block Transfers. If, for whatever reason you are unable to pay within this time, we will be happy to work with you if you notify us upon the auction’s close.

Ed was always thorough, and here it shows in style. The retrospective edition, as Matt indicated, includes a Prologue and additional digital photographs.

Riffle Shuffle Systems (Edward Marlo)

An important historical video, the only live lecture video of the Cardician himself, Edward Marlo, ever released. This may be its primary allure? Apr 13, Anything you can tell me about systema book would be great. This amount is subject to change until you make payment.

Private Studies Video Edward Marlo Ed Marlo performs and teaches some of his greatest secrets, gleaned from private footage. It was shot March in St. Bidding has ended on this item.