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In such devices, so-called air motors were used, which were prepared from brass and employed a three-cylinder arrangement for purposes of balance. Der Druckluftmotor The air motor 4 4 ist in dem Trommelmantel is in the drum shell 1 1 an einer Bordscheibe on a flanged wheel 2 2 und der Blaskopf and the blow head 26 26 in derselben Bordscheibe in the same flanged wheel 2 2 gelagert, so dass sich Druckluftmotor supported, so that air druckluctmotor 4 4 und Blaskopf and blow zeichnunh 26 26 mit der Schlauchtrommel mitdrehen.

Wie insbesondere aus den Fig. In the known small parts cleaners, pumps are used, which are arranged next to the liquid containing the cleaning barrel and are each connected via a tube to the brush and with the supply of cleaning agent.

Screw according to one of claims 1 and 2, characterized by an adjustable covering the opening of the connecting channel bore Zwischen den Federtellern 25 ist auf der Stange 17 ein Schieber 28 angeordnet.

A hose can be connected to an outlet 25th. Another development of the invention provides that a valve disposed at the upper end of the dip tube housing consists of two parts, of which one part comprises the upper support of the shaft and an outlet opening for the liquid and the other part through the first part coil is connected, is provided for connecting the drive means.

DEB4 – hose reel – Google Patents

The above and other objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the following brief description of the drawings and the detailed description of the invention. Internal combustion engine with a device for hydraulic rotational angle adjustment of their camshaft relative to its crankshaft, and with a vacuum pump for a servo load, in particular for a brake booster.

When vane motor of FIG. The two flow rate regulator 36 are closed. Characterized frequent cleaning of the parts concerned is druvkluftmotor, because of the Ge urging of the construction of the wrench to a time dguckluftmotor heblichen loss of working time or additional labor and leads to the requirement of providing an additional number of screwdrivers. All other possible arbitrary control operations will be apparent from the foregoing. However, such multiple cutbacks put the power density of such a motor so far down that it is neither commercially useful to its price, its footprint even after his weight.


In the manual controller 52, the switch line 53 has a closeable by a manual valve 54 outlet. Steuerung nach Anspruch 3, 4. To further sound insulation of the outlet plenum is advantageously formed partially on the flat, through the spaces between the inner and the outer shell and partly of box-like or spherical expansion spaces.

An einen Auslauf 25 kann ein Schlauch angeschlossen werden. Dental handpiece with valve for controlling the circulation druxkluftmotor a flowing medium. Dabei zeigt Here shows.

DE69936301T2 – Air Motor – Google Patents

Country of ref document: Der Erfindung liegt die Aufgabe zugrunde, das Steuern des Antriebsmotors, dh der Geschwindigkeit des Antriebswagens, zu erleichtern. As is apparent from FIGS. The hose reel according to the invention is equipped with a simple and automatically taking place lubrication.

The invention relates to a rotary wrench with compressed-air motor according to DE-AS 22 55 and, in conjunction with the Motoreinschalt- and -abschalt device according to DE-AS 16 03 and in the last training in accordance with DE-AS 23 25 th in one on this basis durchent wrapped embodiment of such a rotary wrench, in particular a pneumatic motor, after the mere suction of the screw head into the end of axially displaceable depending on the size and type of the screw for about easy running fit fitting exchangeable guide sleeve when pressing the screw thread crest in the fastening location of the motor gekup with the screw spindle driven pelt and this until after screwing on exceeding a specified maximum Torque ments the coupling with the engine either by a slipping clutch or in any other way is interrupted.

This object is achieved by the characterizing features of claim 1. The importance of these rotational positions of the cam is listed again below. In through synchronous motor driven pumps for household appliances is led improvements. Compared with the vertical portions of the U-profiles are provided with lateral guide wheels.

At the portion 3 of the tubular housing 1, the tube 19 is attached to the air intake passage, covered by the housing sheath 20 so laterally that opens one end of this pipe into the interior of the portion 3 adjacent to the clutch 16 and the free end for the terminal 21 leads out to the unrepresented injector upward out of the sheath. Here we mean by the chamber volume in a gear motor, the volume of a tooth space, whereas the volume between two adjacent slats, the wall of the inner housing and the rotor shell surface is meant in close proximity before the outlet of the air as a vane motor under the chamber volume.


From a compressed air supply line 39, a compressed air supply line 40 via a valve 41 under division into two branch lines 42 and 43 via the two flow rate regulator 36 to both input and output sides of the air motor 13 of the two branch lines 42 and 43 branch to a compressed-air outlet 44 leading compressed air discharges 45 and 46 from.

Sind der Mitnehmer und der Feststeller mit der Lochscheibe gekoppelt und der Motor druckluftlos, dann ist die Schlauchtrommel in beide Drehrichtungen festgesetzt. Schlauchtrommel, welche einen Trommelmantel Hose reel comprising a drum shell 1 1 mit beidendseitigen Bordscheiben With flanged wheels beidendseitigen 2 2.

The air motor also includes a piston spring which is mounted about said axial member of said piston and having a length which is greater than the axial member.

Hierbei liegt die Abluftleitung Here, the exhaust pipe is located 32 32 vollkommen in dem Trommelmantel perfect in the drum shell 1 1 und die Druckluft-Zuleitung and the compressed air supply line 28 28 teilweise in dem Trommelmantel partially in the drum shell 1 1 und tritt aus der Bordscheibe and exits from the flanged disc 3 3 aus der Schlauchtrommel aus.

Feststellen der Schlauchtrommel Determine the hose reel. The gear 11 is connected to in a known manner with a two-stage clutch 16, and 17 with the Schraubspin del 14 drivingly, whereby the two Kupp lungs 16, 17 not shown latter view bar by springs 18 and 18 a are biased and formed that one limits the torque and the other belongs to a Freilaufgesperre.

Then, the attenuation or the removal of the influence of the slope and slope to the speed is complete. The actuation means may simply be a curved guide means, and said means may comprise a corresponding thereto, pushed back by the cam guide stem.

This second arm of the hollow receiving fork is pressure-tight to the compressed air inlet to the pneumatic motor with the outer housing connectable and provided at a remote location thereof with a connecting piece for the compressed air supply line. Similarly, the shaft 3 is mounted in an upper cross-shaped holder 11 with a sleeve 10 which is inserted into the lower part 12 of the housing. Vehicle tyre pressure regulator – has rim-mounted piston pump with piston rod extending to opposite inner tyre wall.