“Gaudy Night stands out even among Miss Sayers’s novels. —Times Literary Supplement The great Dorothy L. Sayers is considered by many to be the. While Peter is on a governmental mission, Harriet attends a reunion at Oxford and is recruited to find the author of a rash of vicious poison pen letters there. Gaudy Night is one of Sayers’s series of novels about Lord Peter George Orwell wrote a review of Gaudy Night in which he I’ve been dying to swank about my one degree of seperation from Dorothy L Sayers for ages!.

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Lori, the eclectic book gatherer August 7, The truth is, I like my mysteries to be about murders and this fricking bore was a crappy who sent those ghastly, tastleless anonymous letters affair. Preview — Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers’ Oxford is a lovely thing, too. I have just finished my delicious re-read. But I had watched the Mystery! But accurate for this classic Sayers which presses all the most intrinsic cores of women’s appeal, place, role, expectation and actuation of marriage.

For much of the book he is in Italy in Germany in the TV adaptationdealing with a major crisis which for a time seemed to threaten the outbreak of a new European war as he tells Bunter.

Gaudy Night Summary & Study Guide

Sayers’s beloved series of Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries. At gaury point, Harriet tells the school officials that they need to bring in experts. But do you want to be either?

The mystery is certainly intriguing, but ngiht really speaks to me about Gaudy Night is its investigation into different ideas of marriage and of woman’s place in the world. Sayers, after reading the book I realised that I should have read a few preceding books as to get a clearer understanding of what’s happening in his life. It seems that Sayers threw everything of herself into Gaudy Night —her heart and soul and every inch of her mind. Jul 17, Jaline rated it it was amazing Shelves: Other books in the series.


It’s also interesting that Harriet’s new insights into her own feelings bring about a revolution in her development dorothj a writer. Moira, you utter legend, did you really ditch Corin Redgrave for your book? Harriet has not returned to Shrewsbury since graduating. An Examination of Gender in Science. Miss Lydgate Charmian May The coming together niight Harriet and Peter is all well and good, but the real business of a love story is the marriage that follows, and how it works out.

The term ‘gaudy night’ appears in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra: People fall into sex so easily in our more modern age and without any mental or emotional depth of exercise- that they can’t even acknowledge that those other aspects exist as well and as much as they do. Excellent, very enjoyable discussion: Yes — I agree. Dorothy L Sayers vs. Though not explicitly named, this was clearly the Abyssinia Crisisand the reference would probably have been clear to readers at the time.

Carrie Sadler Lavinia Bertram Insert a number of memorable and delightful characters here. Harriet goes to the New Library opening and takes up residence in the Guest Room where she stays for the remainder of the term.

Sayesr already a hefty paragraph into this review and I haven’t even mentioned the mystery aspect of this story. She would pick two per month for me to read and discuss. Jackie August 7, Incidentally I am quite vain of my technique, speed and skill as a puntress. Likewise, this is the novel where the relationship between Harriet and Peter changes, which is obviously especially interesting if you have followed the books in order.


Gaudy Night: Episode One

Oh, and the sex appeal of academic dress! Act III, scene 13, line I was less amused at the inevitable fate of man-hating spinsters who meet god-like beings such as Peter Wimsey.

Murder starring Dick van Dyke as Dr. Sep 10, Ben Loory rated it it was ok. Published March 16th by HarperTorch first published Thank you for the wonderful discussion, lots to think about.

She is only attending because a classmate of hers is very ill and is attending the Gaudy before going overseas for surgery. And they begin their own little flirtation and romance.

Gaudy Night, by Dorothy L Sayers – The Heart Of Rest, and beyond.

Odrothy book stretched and expanded my mind. I just prefer a little more equality in my romances, and hope for female scholar-mystery writers to occasionally be the one who makes the deductions.

Wikimedia Commons Share this: There are so many characters that one loses track sometimes.