Content Server API Reference. Manual. Version SP1. September . Appendix A. API Method Quick Reference . . Preface. This manual is the reference manual for the EMC Documentum object Procedure objects store Docbasic procedures that extend the behavior of the . One other bit of trivia: DocBasic is just BasicScript with some DQL tacked on. The DocBasic Reference manual isn’t the complete BasicScript manual. (I just so.

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By one more manual performers is chosen To select the performer, click on the select performer tab. Nicholas McQuire Contributors of the Year: Transition tab is to specify which activities should be started next. By one more manual performers is chosen. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. Additionally, almost always when you are stuck with a problem and ask for help, knowledgeable and skillful WordPress gurus rush to your help.

Flows are the connectors. With WordPress this is easy to achieve. Create a method using DocApp with docbsaic following attributes.


Auto activity is executed using some permission. Fortunately, in regards to security, WordPress tops the manuql.

When does an activity start? Who is going to perform the manual activity? This workflow depicts a mnual of bank, wherein the concerned department receives application for loans, the loan papers are sent for review to the manager who then decides whether to grant the loan. Join 42 other followers.

Place the file in the following location: Review complete activity is another manual activity, which notifies the workflow supervisor that the workflow is complete. This can be used for debugging purposes.

Docbasic Reference Manual 4.0

As specified in command attribute of DocApp method. To get a method in this dropdown, create a method in DocApp, select option use as workflow method. Ease of use is another reason why WordPress is a great choice for an online platform. WordPress is free because it has been developed by a worldwide community of developers, who do it as a hobby and because they love the open source spirit.


Every workflow has a number of logical steps. Who is going to perform the manual activities?

If you have never tried WordPress, get it today and try it refedence. Auto Activity will include the business logic when the loan is rejected or approved. Activity involving manual interaction is called as a Manual activity.

Docbasic | HariKishan Masapu’s – Instigate ECM

True Use Method Server: Top Blog at WordPress. To set up a java method as a workflow method, click here. They connect the activities.

Information about the task readily available at any point of time. This is called as an Activity.

The workflow templates created needs relate permission to be used. It is easy to start using, yet it is powerful and you can build your site exactly the way you dreamed it.

In parallel workflow, two or more activities can happen concurrently.