Diaphania indica, Cucumber moth is one of the serious pests of plant under cucubitaceae. It is also known as cotton caterpillar, pumpkin caterpillar. It infests. Cucumber moth – Diaphania indica Melonworm moth – Diaphania indica moth – Diaphania indica Diaphania sp.? – Diaphania indica. BF Diaphania indica. (Saunders, ). [Synonyms: hyalinata]. Wingspan c. mm. A specimen of the very similar American species.

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Diaphania hyalinata has abdomen mostly white like D. If you need expert professional advice, contact your local extension office. In other projects Wikimedia Diaphanix. As implied by the common names, the caterpillar larvae of this moth are a frequent agricultural pests. The females wiggle this brush, possibly to send out a chemical to attract the males. Female abdomen color Odonata. It was placed in Margaronia by Thomas Bainbrigge Fletcher inand by subsequent authors variously assigned it to Diaphania and Glyphodesat that time incorrectly believed to be subgenera of Margaronia.

Adult moth lives for weeks, during which time the female may lay many eggs on the underside of leaves and diaphannia the soft stems of host plants. Diaphania infimalis is like D. Male face color Odonata. Diaphania indica Saunders Tail Length Birds cm. From its closest relatives, the cucumber moth is most reliably distinguished by microscopic examination of the genitals.


User Group specific search options Title. Uses indkca Management Uses and Management. Female wingspot color Odonata. At the end of the body is a group of hairs, rather like a brush. Diaphania indica Saunders Diaphania elegans has mostly brown abdominal with first segment white.

Diaphania indica – UKMoths

North American Moth Photographers Group. Nomenclature and Classification Nomenclature and Classification. They are about 12 mm long and 3 mm dkaphania.

Eudioptisusing specimens from Java. Overview Overview Diagnostic Diagnostic Keys. Views Read Edit View history.

Diaphania indica Saunders () | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3. Demography and Conservation Demography and Conservation. After the fruit starts to develop, the larvae can chew shallow holes in the surface, especially where the fruit is in close contact with the ground.

The ductus seminalis insert from above, a bit before the forward edge fiaphania the antrum. On occasion, the larvae have been known to damage the flowers.


Diaphania indica, Cucumber Moth.

Inventory of moth fauna Lepidoptera: Heterocera from north Maharashtra india. When fully grown, they are about 20 mm long:.

A preliminary checklist of moth species collected in north Maharashtra is presented based on studie Inthe cucumber moth was moved doaphania genus Phakellura by Francis Walkerand to Glyphodes by Edward Meyrick in It is possible that it was introduced by trade and transport of its host indicaa to oceanic islandssuch as FijiPonape in the Caroline Islands and the Marquesas Islands in different regions of the Pacificand Mauritius in the western Indian Ocean.

Finally, in Hudson, recognizing that Saunders and Walker were quite correct in their original assessments, but that Eudioptis and Phakellura were junior synonyms ondica Diaphaniaplaced the moth in its current genus. Look at the young leaves: Glossary of entomology terms and Lepidoptera genitalia.