L’invention concerne un procédé et un dispositif de diagraphie en cours de forage permettant d’obtenir des informations concernant une formation. Le dispositif. Title, Cours de diagraphies instantanées: par R. Desbrandes Author, Robert Desbrandes. Editor, École nationale supérieure du pétrole et des moteurs a. L’invention concerne un procédé et un dispositif de diagraphie en cours de forage permettant d’obtenir des informations concernant une.

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High voltage x-ray generator and related oil well formation analysis apparatus and method.

Measurement-while-drilling acoustic system employing multiple, segmented transmitters and receivers. A2 Designated state s: Apparatus and method for microresistivity imaging in nonconductive drilling fluid. Time and depth correction of MWD and wireline measurements using correlation of surface and downhole measurements.

LWD resistivity device with inner transmitters and outer receivers, and azimuthal sensitivity. Measurement-while-drilling assembly using real-time toolface oriented measurements. US USB2 en Method and apparatus for well logging to obtain high-resolution seismic images cors geological formations surrounding horizontal well bores. Method diahraphie correcting density measurements that are affected by natural and neutron-induced gamma radiation.

5 cours & 10 sujets de sismologie I des études supérieures de géophysique

Inductive resistivity guard logging apparatus including toroidal coils mounted on a cuors stem. Simultaneous resolution enhancement and dip correction of resistivity logs through nonlinear iterative deconvolution. Radiological well logging methods and apparatus for reducing the effect of activation from the detector crystal. Method and apparatus for measuring formation density and the formation photo-electric factor with a multi-detector gamma-gamma tool.

Cours de diagraphies instantanées: par R. Desbrandes – Robert Desbrandes – Google Books

Method and apparatus for directional measurement of subsurface electrical properties. Request for preliminary examination filed prior to expiration of 19th month from priority date pct application filed before Multifrequency dielectric logging tool including antenna system responsive to invaded rock formations. Nuclear magnetic resonance logging with azimuthal resolution using gradient coils. Neutron burst timing method and system for multiple measurement pulsed neutron formation evaluation.


Making directional measurements using a rotating and non-rotating drilling apparatus. Borehole image reconstruction using inversion and tool spatial sensitivity functions.

Semblance processing for an acoustic measurement-while-drilling system for imaging of formation boundaries. Subsurface borehole evaluation and downhole tool position determination methods.

Borehole investigating methods and apparatus including the detection of a cased borehole from diagraphue nearby borehole. Logging system for measuring dielectric properties of fluids in a cased well using multiple mini-wave guides.

Method of determining vertical and horizontal resistivity, and relative dip in anisotropic earth formations having an arbitrary electro-magnetic antenna combination and orientation with additional rotation and positon measurements.

Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging using phase encoding with non-linear gradient fields. Apparatus and methods to perform downhole measurements associated with subterranean formation evaluation. Method and apparatus for correcting data developed from a well tool disposed at a dip angle in a wellbore to eliminate the effects of the dip angle on the data.

Microresistivity anisotropy logging tool employing a monopole current injection electrode. Formation resistivity measurement while drilling, utilizing physical conditions representative of the signals from a toroidal coil located adjacent the drilling bit.

DE Ref legal event code: Error correction and calibration of a deep reading propagation resistivity tool.

Sonic well tool transmitter receiver array including an attenuation and delay apparatus. Induction logging sonde with metallic support having a coaxial insulating sleeve member. Procede d’obtention d’une image bidimensionnelle developpee de la paroi d’un forage.


Country of ref document: Electromagnetic power and communication link particularly adapted for drill collar mounted sensor systems. System for measuring Earth formation resistivity through an electrically conductive wellbore casing. Well logging apparatus having toroidal induction antenna for measuring, while drilling, resistivity of earth formations. Well logging method and apparatus using a continuous energy spectrum photon source.

Borehole apparatus and methods for measuring formation velocities as a function of azimuth, and interpretation thereof. X-ray downhole tool with at least two targets and at least one measurement detector. Robust inversion systems and methods for azimuthally sensitive resistivity logging viagraphie. Drill bit with a sensor for estimating rate of penetration and apparatus for using same. Bit based formation evaluation and drill bit and drill string analysis using an acoustic sensor.

Simultaneous gamma ray measurement of formation bulk density and casing thickness. Method and apparatus for generating acoustic signals for LWD shear velocity measurement. Apparatus and method for minimizing wear and wear related measurement error in a logging-while-drilling tool. EP EPB1 fr Well logging apparatus having a removable sleeve for sealing and protecting multiple antenna arrays. Procede de determination en temps reel de l’emplacement de puits de forage profonds au cours du forage.

A3 Designated state s: Resistivity sensor for generating asymmetrical current field and method of using the same.