Published in English The Sorrows of Young Werther (: Die Leiden des jungen Werthers) is an, loosely by, first published in Den unge Werthers lidanden Foto: Daniel Andersson. Den unge Werthers lidande, Faust. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Den unge Werthers. Title, Den unge Werthers lidande: Till svenska av Allan Bergstrand. Author, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Published, Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote.

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It is at the point of dissolution that the reader is forced to accept that the ongoing narrative is actually what someone in such straits would be able Yes, such is the frailty of man, that even there, where he has the greatest consciousness of his own being, where he makes the strongest and most forcible impression, even in the memory, in the heart of his beloved, there also he must perish,—vanish,—and that quickly.

Den unge Werthers lidanden

Self-inflicted pain and suffering. But in my honest opinion – having this read for my German class, so in its origin language – this book is a way of Goethe to process his own experiences, feelings into something greater without actually telling th I DID IT! I expected to be disappointed with an overwrought melodrama and mushy lyricism.

She told him she loved Albert multiple times God she’s married to him for Pete’s sake but good ol’ Werther keeps telling her or rather showing her that he loves her. Werther develops a wholesome friendship with Charlotte, whom he admires for taking up the care of her younger siblings after the death of her mother.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Werther is the original emo. He also long served as the Privy Councilor “Geheimrat” of the duchy of Weimar. He is not tolerated and asked to leave since he is not a nobleman.


Real life has been a smother, But I assure, we loved each other!

This version is incomplete, I noticed that while googling this story, that some seems to be missing, not sure if this is the originalbut if it 2 editionit is missing the editors notes, which tells more of the story. Towards the end of Goethe’s life, a personal visit to became a crucial stage in any young man’s of Europe.

Does not man lack the force at the very point where he needs it most? This mindset is as unhealthy as attaining the object, and I say object because that is what the idealized Charlotta became, would likely only reveal his delusion. Upon entering Weimar, Werther is confronted with classist society. I had been anticipating a lot of sensibility and Sturm und Drangand that is obviously all there; but I was more struck by the very sophisticated narrative structure of the book.

Template Unknown author PD Sweden. I particularly liked the detail that a perfume was created in tribute to the protagonist Eau de Wertherjust in case you were wondering. He is carefree, living off income from his Mother, who, I can only assume, has become annoyed by his superior intelligence. Um livro bem curto ,mas poderoso!! I really don’t know what all the fuzz is about. By the end Hmm Realists could handle it, but dreamers beware.

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My dear Werther this is your problem suicide is a will while death by disease is not. He was so wetthers and dead set on doing it that he was even convinced that it was the right thing to do, for him, for Albert, and of course, for his Lotte.


Couldn’t you realize your hero was a dumb jackass? I’m hoping I will like his other works better based on this.

I can’t imagine a worse ending for this book. But Werther is uglier for his attitude towards women than just the misunderstood and self-pitying romantic Goethe intended him to be.

Twilight VS. Den Unge Werthers Lidande by Sara Ali on Prezi

The New Sorrows of Young W. All the romances that preceded him, which dealt with cards, were mostly neutral or cold. The novel was published anonymously, and Goethe distanced himself from it in his later years, [2] regretting the fame it had brought him and the consequent attention to his own youthful love of Charlotte Buffthen already engaged to Johann Christian Kestner.

About Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

There is no rationalism in this book. But I will, I will! View all 15 comments.

The Sorrows of Young Werther – Wikipedia

werthdrs I picked this up with some trepidation, assuming that it would be full of stolid German angst and that I would give up after a couple of pages. The men were often dressed in the same clothing “as Goethe’s description of Werther and using similar pistols.

It is profound, a very profound remark.