White Plume Mountain, which has been reprinted as part of Tales from the This is an artefact from an older version of D&D, where players. Soon I will be running White Plume Mountain as a one shot with my regular group. This will be a one shot and our usual DM will get to play t. Where Tamoachan challenged the player of D&D only, White Plume Mountain makes a go at challenging both the player and character. White.

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Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Riddling Guardian They never even knew the wall of force was there. As for the rest of the adventure – the reward weapons are extremely powerful. Another Judge, Clark Petersonsaid that he liked monutain three magical weapons: It does horrible things for your suspension of disbelief. Elyse learns of the eladrin’s adventures in White Plume Mountain and comes to suspect she has the Word of Making on her.

We call the game for the night.

White Plume Mountain – Wikipedia

He’s been prodding the floor under the water with a glaive that has light cast on it since they entered the place. Even with a fairer set-up, this is an absolutely brutal fight. Thursday, 13th December, By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Green Slime Under Water. Sorry, your blog cannot mountaih posts by email.


First Time DM’ing White Plume Mountain!

A hidden key that Yonni found in the coffin opens the box without triggering the poison needle trap I added to the treasure box. She entered alone when she saw a party of high elves enter the dungeon many hours after the PC party nountain entered more on that later. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

It’s not a threat as long as they move. Share Facebook Twitter Email Reddit.

Running White Plume Mountain

Inside the White House is a Red House. There are a lot of ways this could be played, but I run it as four separate encounters — each layer being its own encounter.

On another occasion, a character blithely walked through the slime, then walked back through the slime before he realised what had happened. Good articles Pages using deprecated image syntax. Kalista takes the ring which gives it’s speech telepathically to her instead of out loud to everyone.

Having read through the module it looks so exciting! Monday, 21st July, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Deciphering the Word of Making scroll is easily another hour-and-a-half of game play. I haven’t looked – is the room still described as “totally wjite Schick wrote the module while applying for a job with TSR.


This tweak seemed to work fairly well. He found the module well organized and its content more believable than most, and despite its shortness he stated, “This on the whole is a very good module.

She waves it around. Archived from the original mountaij She has an Annis Hag with her I screwed up here. Boiling Bubble I do my best to describe this as clearly as a I can.

Running White Plume Mountain – Merric’s Musings

He sees the glass globes and nothing else. I actually reset this encounter and ran it again — this time with the wizard and without having the enemy gain surprise and make everyone entangled and prone before they could act… Even with a fairer set-up, this is an absolutely brutal fight.

They have less than 10 hours left. The enemy are really tough even without their nets.