The DD Form is used in ITSS to document the acceptance of a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR). The form is created from an accepted. DD Form , Acceptance of MIPR. Follow the procedures at PGI for use of DD Form [ 71 FR , July Subchapter H – CLAUSES AND FORMS Part – FORMS Subpart – Prescription of Forms Section – DD Form

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Enter the two digit number for the month the action was negotiated e. The Assisting Agency Authorizing Officer field is a free text field in the MIPR Acceptance ofrm, using fkrm you can enter the authorizing officer name, even if the officer does not belong to the agency.

Enter the total number and dollar value of modification actions, excluding simplified acquisition procedures. Enter the date that the DD Form is submitted.

A Code Y – Yes – Obtained. Summary DoD is proposing to amend the Defense Federal Acquisition 448- Supplement DFARS to update the form used by contractors to request shipping instructions and the associated contract clause and clause prescription to cover both commercial and Government bills of lading, and to relocate the coverage within the DFARS.

Enter code A if the action resulted from an award pursuant to FAR 6. Part A identifies the report and 4482 reporting activity. E Code E – Commercial Financing. Enter code C if the action was a partial set-aside for small business Enter code 7A if the action was taken pursuant to FAR 6.

48 CFR – DD Form , Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request.

The Federal Supply Classification FSC is a set of codes designed to help the federal government in supplying operations. Enter a code that identifies the commodity described in Block B12E. Enter code E if the contracting action is a modification which terminates all or part of the contract for default.


Enter code 1D if the action was justified pursuant to FAR 6. When all the approvers approve the document, the approval status changes to Approved, Accepted.

48 CFR 253.208-2 – DD Form 448-2, Acceptance of MIPR.

Enter code 5A if the action was justified pursuant to FAR 6. Enter the supplemental procurement instrument identification number for supplemental agreements or other modifications, assigned per Enter code F if the action was a construction acquisition and preferential consideration resulted in an award to an SDB Subpart Do not report contracts containing options as multiyear unless the definition at FAR Enter code rd if the action was justified pursuant to FAR 6.

An assessment of the prospective contractor’s ability to meet the safety requirements in the solicitation.

Continuation sheets may be printed on the reverse of the DD Form A If the action is a letter contract, including modifications and amendments to letter contracts, enter the code that describes the anticipated type of contract the letter contract will become when it is definitized.

It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date, fotm we do refresh the database weekly.

48 CFR – DD Form , Acceptance of MIPR. | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

A As a request to the requiring department to issue a MIPR amendment to provide the additional funds; or. C Code Z – Other Reason. Even though Part C is not completed for actions with a government agency, the database will automatically include these actions in the category of not available for competition.


If the contracting officer wants an assessment of other fork major factors A-E and other factors A-G, check this factor. Do not enter cents.

Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPR)

E Code E – Termination for Default. An evaluation of the prospective contractor’s ability to meet flight operation and flight safety requirements on solicitations involving the overhaul and repair of aircraft.

Enter code C if the contract provides d progress payments based on percentage or stage of completion, which is only permitted on contracts for construction, for shipbuilding, or for ship conversion, alteration, or repair see An assessment of the prospective contractor’s capability dv meet the quality assurance requirements of the proposed contract.

When using an alternate structured approach, see An assessment of the prospective contractor’s capability to follow the laws and regulations applicable to the movement of Government material, or overweight, oversized, hazardous cargo, etc.

When several items are to be shipped to the same point, the code will be listed; but it will not be necessary to repeat the address. Enter one of the following codes when Block B1B is coded A. Enter sufficient detail to establish the identity of the contracting office submitting the report in Blocks 2a and b. A Enter a code that describes the program, weapons system, or equipment.