Letters of Shaykh al-‘Arabi al-Darqawi. Translated by Titus Burckhardt. A selection from the Rasa’il al-darqawiyya, an important document among the Sufi . THE first edition of the Encyclopaedia of Islam, published in , while admitting the importance of the Darqāwī order (see Derkāwā) in Morocco and Algeria. Mawlay al-‘Arabi ad-Darqawi.. letters from the Shaykh to the Fuqara on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I advise all of you, elite and common.

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Letters On The Spiritual Path

He did not fail to do it, and he was not lazy and did become disheartened by repeating it. Dqrqawi was clear to me when I interpreted it, that the king I saw was Allah, the Mighty, the Majestic, and that the jewels were the jewels of knowledge. It would run to us and overtake us as letgers run to it and do not overtake it. But remind her with gentleness and kindness. How many people were opened by Allah at his hand, and the hand of his companions and heirs after him who had blind eyes, heedless hearts, and ears deaf to perception of the Divine Presence!

One of them is the great wali and the famous master, Sidi al-Hajj ibn Faqira az-Zarwali. There is no doubt that if anyone obtains reflection — even if it is after a year, or two or three years — then he has obtained great good and a clear secret since it says in Prophetic tradition, “An hour of reflection is better than seventy years of worship.

He told me, “Whenever one of the meanings comes to you, hurry to tether it letterss it will escape you. You have no power to do anything and “Allah has power over all things. Opening of provision would come to him from Allah and he would only take of it according to his needs, and the needs of his wife and children. When I awoke at the tomb, I saw “Ibn Manzur”. He, may Darqawk be pleased with him, was among the loftiest and most majestic shaykhs of the tariqa, may Allah be pleased with them and give us the benefit of their baraka.


Such is the property of the self, such is the quality of the sharif, and such is good character.

Far from being merely a concentration technique, this method is very far-reaching in its effects, due to the meanings and secrets which Allah has attached to the letters of His own Name.

What it does not accept, they will not accept. We said, may Allah be pleased with us, “Nothing helps the heart like doing without this world and sitting in the presence of the awliya’, may Allah be pleased with them.

All that they contain is only the Shari’a of the Master of the Messengers, the path of the wayfarers, indications of the realised gnostics who have arrived, and the ecstasies of the beloved lovers. Had it not been that you remain with your own portions, you would have reached your Lord. This is only said by someone who is arrogant, ignorant or pleased with himself. He has the Kingdom and He has praise. Only one or two letters have been omitted which seemed to repeat letteds already dealt with and some matters of little interest.

My master, the teaching sharif Abu’l-Hasan Sidi ‘Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, taught it to daraqwi in a different form which is more exact and more to the point.

Full text of “The Darqawi Way, “

As far as the one who finds him is concerned, he said in respect to perseverance that it is whatever benefits the heart, like doing- without in this world and sitting with the awliya’. Whoever wants victory should be content with incapacity. We seek refuge from Allah. Part of what he was not concerned with is that there be proof and clear signs given for him, especially with the people of perfect creeds and good intentions. He was drowned in the sea of the reality.

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By Allah, if we were to restrain our abuse of the servants of Allah, our Lord would defend us against every harm of those who abuse us. There is only such-and-such in it or nothing. I did not occupy myself with them at all since I was occupied with invocation of the Name and visualising its letters. It is always like that in the place which we mentioned and in other great moments.

He died in that city, may Allah be pleased with him, in The action, dhikr and ‘ibada he loved the most, may Allah be pleased with him, was the prayer.

Know that these inner meanings are ever present in the human being and they are as many as there are waves in the ocean. Al-Junayd wrote to one of his brothers, “If someone directs to Allah while he relies on other-than-Allah, Allah will put him to the test and veil his dhikr from his heart and make it only on his tongue.

If it remains yours, it will come to you again and again. As for your wife becoming lax about the wird, her Lord has better knowledge of her. He, may Allah be pleased with him, opened a way for me among the people and brought me near him so that I could kiss his hand and knee.

While we were in that bewilderment and distress, suddenly daqrawi shaykh from the people of great unveiling and clear secrets was there before me.

Today we have turned things over on their heads. Bringing joy to the believers has an immense reward.