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Binaural beats work by sending two different Hz frequencies, to each ear via stereo headphones causing the left and right Brain hemispheres to work in unison to hear a phantom frequency or third tone, the centred Hz difference between the two tones.

On one hand, this actively self-regulates the functional activities of the organism and maintains a dynamic equilibrium. Love signal is a healing audio and visual meditation with music, sacred geometry and Solfeggio frequency Hz, the miraculous frequency for transformation and DNA repair. Following a 20 minute conversation, the.

The movement of Chi harmonizes and invigorates, bringing greater health and vitality. How these different types of tones affect our health. According to Chinese philosophy, everything, including the universe, is interrelated and in a state of constant flux where human organisms are microcosms of the universe.

The frequencies emitted by the device are between 0.


Light energy vibrations of different frequency i. Qigong smoothes the process of delivering oxygen to cells, reduces stress and improves bowel functions.

As a mirahoian, the field of application of the device is imrahorian larger than devices from previous generations which were based on a single function. Health is achieved when equilibrium is maintained; sickness appears when the balance is broken. Qigong relies on the traditional Chinese belief that the body has something that might be described as an “energy field” generated and maintained by the natural respiration of the body, known as qi ki in japanese.

They did not use this tone temperament and I think that is why we have a richer experience when we hear music that was composed several hundred years ago. They are also especially useful in alleviating chronic pain and chronic disorders of the digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Later on, Christian paintings and sculptures show a halo around the head of Christ and other spiritual miahorian.

Nicola Tesla tells us, and I quote: Because the music held mathmatic resonance, frequencies capable of spiritually inspiring mankind to be more “Godlike,” the changes affected alterations in conceptual thought as well, further distancing humanity from God.

The first to make that connection was German scientist Ernst Chladni, who, indetailed his research in his book “Discoveries Concerning the Theory of Music. How I found out about the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies. Poet Cathie Guzetta summarized this science best when she wrote: This universal energy is the source of all life.


Dan Mirahorian (Author of Shiva Samhita – Cartea secretelor din Hatha și Tantra-Yoga)

Qigong Master Jo, boils water with hands Pyrokinesis under an infrared mirahoriwn. Broadcasting the right frequency can help open your heart, prompt peace, and hasten healing. The forms on the plate are examples of sound organizing matter. Therefore, it becomes an effective measure to attain health and longevity.

Qigong is commonly considered as mysterious and profound. Rees, “Just Six Numbers”. He showed that part of this odic field could be focused like a light through a lens, while another part of this odic field would flow around the lens, like a candle flame flows around something placed in its path.

By degrees these syllables became associated and identified mieahorian their respective notes and as each syllable ended in a vowel, they were found to be peculiatly adapted for vocal use.

These frequencies are not something new, but they are something very old. A master of Qigong deep breathing energy is performing his stunt of belly resisting electric drilling in Hefei of Anhui Province.

Doty, “Just Intonation Primer”. Qi MAGEN can be used like a pacemaker [implanted] or as a phone in contact with the indicated body area. Back in B.