Xenophon’s masterpiece, The Education of Cyrus, is a work that was admired by Machiavelli for its lessons on leadership. Also known as the Cyropaedia, this. F. M. S. CYROPAEDIA THE EDUCATION OF CYRUS BOOK I [C.1] We have had occasion before now to reflect how often democracies have been overthrown. LibriVox recording of Cyropaedia: The Education of Cyrus by Xenophon. ( Translated by H. G. Dakyns.) Read in English by Larry Wilson; Lynne.

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Refresh and try again. The Cyropaedia or Cyropedia is a “partly fictional biography” of Cyrus the Great, written in the early 4th century BC by the Athenian gentleman-soldier, cyropadeia student of Socrates, Xenophon of Athens. While Xe “Thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

According to Babylonian sources Nabonidus Chronicle I, pp. His educaation speech as a general; a fine one; a spirit of athleticism breathes through it. My curiosity on this topic is what led me to read this book. They were bound, he said, to be loyal and intelligent, alive to all a soldier’s needs, active, swift, ctrus, and withal cool and imperturbable.

For in the very nature of things, success tends to create pride and blindness in the hearts of men, while suffering teaches them to be patient and strong. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. I read this on Kindle, and it was well written, and the footnotes are really interesting as they give glimpses into the history of the time and other influences Xenophon likely would have had when he wrote what he wrote.

At this point he knew that the army from Cyaxares cyrpaedia advancing, and he sent secretly to them and bade them keep about eight miles off, and take their evening meal where they were, since that would make for secrecy. The soldiers had orders that not a soul was to be wronged, and if they met any Armenians they were to cyropeadia them to have no fear, but open a market wherever they wished, and sell meat or drink as they chose.

In the forward L. Second read Cydus classic for me.

Tell me first the methods of fighting that the different troops adopt. Seems like an odd thing for the editor not to know.

Xenophon had been in Persia himself, as part of the ” Ten Thousand ” Greek soldiers who fought on the losing side in a Persian civil war, events which he recounted in his Anabasis. The text never really states what is being sacrificed.


CYROPAEDIA – Encyclopaedia Iranica

You shall have horses to ride, my own and as many others as you like, and when you leave us you shall take them with you. Therefore you undergo toil and danger gladly.

And when the king learnt what had happened, scarcely knowing fducation to turn, he fled to the summit of a certain hill. For he who is conquered by force may fancy that if he trains he can renew the war, and captured cities dream that with the help of allies they will fight again one day, but if we meet with men who are better than ourselves cyrua whom we recognise to be so, cyropaecia are ready to obey them of our own free will.

He had his engineers dig trenches one night to divert the water and then captured the city without much bloodshed.

Cyropaedia: The Education of Cyrus

Cyaxares means to kidnap them, doesn’t he? He was not only a great military leader who conquered a good part of Asia, but a wise and tolerant leader — at least in the telling of Xenophon of Athens, a Greek soldier, author cyropaecia student of Socrates.

Return to Book Page. Larry Hedrick’s version of Xenophon takes an original translation from the Greek published inand paraphrases it in modern idiomatic English, while taking considerable liberties with the tne — including adding in some material from the Bible about Cyrus freeing the Jews from their exile in Babylon and allowing them to return to Israel and Judea.

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These were evidently for his own private use, educatkon are full of scholarly colloquialisms, impromptu words humorously invented for the need of the moment, and individual turns of phrase, such as the references to himself under his initials in small letters, “hgd. Suppose we had been like the ballad- singers and story-tellers who put in lamentable tales in the hope of reducing their audience to tears! The lads follow their studies till the age of sixteen or seventeen, and then they take their places edducation young men.

For example, the romance of Cyyropaedia and Pantheia forms a part of the latter half of the narrative v. So, among other things, this “Small Print! There’s obvious value in Xenophon’s base text, but Hedrick repeatedly harms the work. They have been brought up to endure hunger and thirst, cold and nakedness, and yet tue are aware that we too have been trained in the self-same school and by a better master than they: Aspects of it would become a model for th writers of the genre known as mirrors for princes.


Humorous also, with a dramatising and development of the characters, Shakespeare-wise–Hystaspas, and the rest. In turn it was a strong influence upon the most well-known but atypical of these, Machiavelli’s The Prince, which was an important influence in the rejection of medieval political thinking, and the development of modern politics.

I am well aware that if you won great wealth, I should be able to help myself at need, especially if I used it for your own advantage. He stressed the fact in order to eat evening bread, you need to have worked to earn it through your hard work or workout.

Judging cyrpaedia the things he’ve done, Cyrus is truly The Great. At first the lads were disposed to laugh at him, thinking he must have learnt luxurious ways in Media, but when they saw that he could take the simple Persian food as happily as themselves, and how, whenever they made good educatiln at a festival, far from asking for any more himself he was ready to give his own share of the dainties away, when they saw and felt in this and in other things his inborn nobleness and superiority to themselves, then the tide turned and once more they were at his feet.

I could not disagree educatuon KC’s review of this work more strongly. And right beautiful it was, and right well it fitted the lad, the armour that his grandsire had had made for him.

What is nobler than to succour those we love? For these and other reasons it should prove attractive and interesting reading for the average Englishman. Although Xenophon follows the broad outlines of the history of Cyrus’ era, his book is essentially a piece of historical fiction. If the old man needed anything during the thhe Cyrus was the first to notice it, it was he who sprang up first to wait upon him, and bring him what he thought would please him.

Cyropaedia – Wikipedia

And all we could learn from erucation about him or felt we might infer for ourselves we will here endeavour to set forth. And if you want as large a force as possible at your command, where will you find a man better fitted to test the muster-roll than the general who has used it time and again?

Xenophon’s own humour shines out. Books Loeb Classical Library.