With this book Robert Graves again demonstrates his command of a vast historical subject, creating a startling and vivid picture of a decadent era. Read more. A review y David Maclaine of the historical novel Count Belisarius by Robert Graves. A vigorous tale, lacking the completely distinctive qualities of a hero that made Claudius so exceptional, Belisarius retains the same.

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Count Belisarius

Jul 23, Patrick Hadley rated it liked it. Jul 21, Chadwick rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The Seige of Rome by an Ostrogoth army ten times the size of Belisarius’s own constitutes a set piece of extraordinary brilliance.

In later years he omitted war poems from his collections, on the grounds that they were too obviously “part of the war poetry boom”. It’s been a while since I’ve read about Monophysites and Arians.

We live in interesting times, but Robert Graves tells us that there gfaves nothing new under the sun. When the Empress Theodora, one of the most remarkable and infamous belisairus in history, took control of the empire, she continued to exploit and persecute Belisarius in the same way her husband had.

So I ordered it in hard gdaves from Amazon and quickly had it in my hands. The book is actually told mostly from the perspective of Belisarius’s wife, as the narrator is his wife’s eunuch slave. RomeItaly Byzantine Empire. In he published his most commercially successful work, I, Claudius.

Graves bends this story into his own parable about power, corruption, honor and ingenuity.

By the end, however, I didn’t really care if Belisarius was as good as Graves made him out to be, if the narrator, Eugenius, Belisarius’ wife Antonia’s manservant is unreliable, or if Antonia slept with one man or many after marrying this ‘Last Great Roman’. All this is only setting the scene. Is this feature helpful?


Invaders threatened on all fronties, but they grew to respect and fear the name of Belisarius, the Emperor Justinian’s greatest general. Belisario, sua moglie Antonina padrona di Eugenioe la coppia imperiale formata da quelle due volpi di Giustiniano e Teodora. Such defense mechanisms are necessary, since most attempts would be Quixotic, at best, and likely delusional which is not to say that volunteerism — for example — is the bailiwick of the deluded or naive; the belief that our efforts will significantly address deeply ingrained societal problems is, however, deluded Peraltro, Eugenio tende a diventare stucchevole quando difende fino alla sfinimento la sua padrona, quando la maggior parte degli storici la definisce senza troppi giri di parole come un’adultera impenitente.

Belisarius fights off the Persians; he captures Carthage; next Sicily; and soon all of Italy south of the Po. Very readable and evocative of a time and place long gone now. The book is narrated by Eugenius, the eunuch slave of Antonina, the entertainer and prostitute whom we first meet at a soiree given by the fourteen year old Belisarius’s tutor.

However, Graves’s treatment of his sources has been criticized by the historian Anthony Kaldellis, who writes that “There are many historical novels set in the early sixth century, but none can be recommended that are both historically accurate and well-written.

Count Belisarius is a historical novel by Robert Gravesfirst published inrecounting the life of the Byzantine general Belisarius AD — It is all the information we need but do not get in school, where the study of history and war leaves out the people who endure it and all the backstage arguing, treaty-making, and the myriad other things, like conspiracy and betrayal, that do not get full treatment in history books. This book is everything that pleases me because it gives me information that is pertinent to today.

Karakters zijn wat plat weergegeven, maar de Byzantijnse wereld van de zesde eeuw wordt met veel details weergegeven. He is best belisagius for the historical novel I, Claudius and the critical study of myth and poetry The White Goddess.


Count Belisarius

The accounts of his successes in Persia, Carthage, and Italy, are depicted at length. Count Belisarius purports to be a biography written by Eugenius, a eunuch who is a servant of Belisarius’ wife Antonina. Suffice it to say that the last pages are on a par with I, Belisariius and somewhat better in my view than Claudius the God.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. He developed an early reputation as a war poet and was one of the first to write realistic poems about his experience of front line conflict. When he returned, victorious, it was not as a hero. Belisarius was a superb soldier and combined all types of warfare to his advantage.

That’s here alright but the ramp up is longish. November External links: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Count Belisarius – Wikipedia

It is fictionalised in Pat Barker’s novel Regeneration. King Jesus is a narrative account of the life of Jesus. Can’t vouch for the strict rohert of the portrayal of Justinian as a monster, but an enjoyable read. If you like any of the classical histories mentioned, you will like this book.

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Published October 1st by Farrar, Straus and Giroux first published This book really captures just how powerful and vicious Roman women were. And there is capture, rape, mass killing and or enslavement of all those in the path of war.

I ended up longing for either a non-fiction interpretation of events or a properly realised novelisation. Graves develops the characters within the constraints of the culture and period described. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

I certainly hope so.