Differentiating Keratoconus and Corneal Warpage by Analyzing Focal Change Patterns in Corneal Topography, Pachymetry, and Epithelial. Cont Lens Anterior Eye. Sep;26(3) Hydrogel contact lens-induced corneal warpage. Schornack M(1). Author information: (1)Department of. Before the advent of corneal topography, corneal warpage was generally described as a condition that included distorted keratometer mires.

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Support Center Support Center. This is supported by the inspection and proper interpretation of curvature and elevation maps of keratoconic eyes.

Longitudinal data analysis using generalized linear models. You can manage this and all other alerts in My Account.

Hydrogel contact lens-induced corneal warpage.

LouieNone; J. Subclinical keratoconus detection by pattern analysis of corneal and epithelial thickness maps with optical coherence tomography. The change in corneal contour may be the result of either mechanical deformation, chronic metabolic insult, or a combination of mechanical and metabolic challenges. At this stage, there is no marked corneal thinning.

It can be calculated from topography maps, pachymetry, or epithelial thickness maps. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Evidence from eye movements and warpzge maps. Create an Account or Subscribe Now. Results The study included 31 keratoconic eyes 19 of which had recent RGP wear of 20 subjects, 22 normal eyes of 11 cornea, 11 eyes six eyes wearing RGP, five eyes wearing soft toric contact lenses of eight subjects with contact lens-related corneal warpage and eight FFK eyes four of which had recent RGP wear of eight subjects.

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Ectasia or permanent corneal warpage?

Contact lenses with higher oxygen transmissibility will frequently alleviate the relative hypoxia that may be associated with corneal warpage. As a result, he developed chronic ocular irritation, which in turn prompted him to rub his left eye vigorously with the knuckles of his index finger, often upon awakening. This is probably because epithelium at the cone peak comes into contact with the RGP contact lenses, resulting in epithelial thinning at a location of topography steepening—opposite of the usual warpage corneaal where epithelial thinning is associated with focal topographic flattening.


Corneal epithelial thickness mapping by Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography in normal and keratoconic eyes. Placido disc topography is an important tool in the recognition of forme fruste keratoconus FFK12 which is the most important risk factor for post-LASIK ectasia.

Rabinowitz YS, Rasheed K. Corneal epithelial thickness profile in the diagnosis of keratoconus. Combination of the three parameters provides a comprehensive diagnostic classification system to help clinicians make the appropriate diagnosis.

The purpose of this study is to differentiate keratoconus from contact lens-related warpage by combining focal change patterns of several corneal maps: The pachymetry and epithelial thickness maps were also centered on the pupil center.

Intrinsic position uncertainty impairs overt search performance. Because many LASIK candidates are contact lens wearers, the distinction between warpage and keratoconus is a common clinical challenge.

The Warpage Index was positive in all warpage eyes and negative for all keratoconic and FFK eyes except three wearing rigid gas-permeable contact lens. Overall, in RGP-wearing keratoconus eyes, there is a paradoxical negative shift of the Warpage Index due to cone-apex RGP touch, except in the unusual case where the RGP-corneal contact is not at the cone apex.

Because many LASIK candidates are contact lens wearers, the distinction between warpage and keratoconus is a common clinical challenge. Kruskal-Wallis nonparametric tests were used to compare different groups. Five out of 8 FFK eyes You must be signed into an individual account to use this feature. Using Anterior Ectasia Index of 6.

Hydrogel contact lens-induced corneal warpage.

TangOptovue, Inc. In summary, this study confirms that OCT-based epithelial PSD can detect corneal distortions with high sensitivity and specificity. Schematic representation of the approximation of the corneal profile vertical cross section obtained with the Scheimpflug camera of the Pentacam topographer. Two novel diagnostic indices were developed to aid in the differential diagnosis of corneal conditions that confront the corneal and refractive surgeon.

The repetitive local trauma alters the viscosity of the ground substance and initiates a temporary displacement of ground substance from the corneal apex. There is no stretching or corneal tissue distension.

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Clinical signs of corneal warpage include changes in refractive error, decreased visual acuity with spectacle correction, and changes in corneal topography. HuangOptovue Inc. The warpage map is the product of the PD maps of anterior topography and epithelial thickness. One of the 19 RGP-corrected keratoconus eyes had mixed keratoconus plus warpage pattern, while in the other 18 the keratoconus pattern predominated. The corneal central zone is flattened larger radius of curvature, lower keratometry to compensate for the inferior third of the corneal surface which is concomitantly steepened shorter radius of curvature, higher keratometry.

This limited its ability to detect peripheral corneal abnormalities. The system works at an nm wavelength and has a scanning speed of 26, axial scans per second. In all three cases, cessation of lens wear led to restoration of the normal corneal contour and visual acuity.

The system works at an cormeal wavelength and has a scanning speed of 26, axial scans per second. The warpage cases are then tested with the Anterior Ectasia Index, with the result cornela the subthreshold cases has pure warpage, while the supra-threshold are diagnosed cornneal both keratoconus and warpage.

Longitudinal study of the normal eyes in unilateral keratoconus patients. Kanellopoulos AJ, Asimellis G. Time to resolution of contact lens-induced corneal warpage prior to refractive surgery. The topographic abnormality included inferior—superior asymmetry greater than 1. Given that contact lenses are often used for vision correction in keratoconus, an overall diagnostic scheme is needed to account for this warpabe. It occurs in Marfan syndrome, in which the cornea also thins and flattens read: The vertical profile of a keratoconic cornea cannot be grossly approximated by a circle.

There is no protrusion here, as demonstrated by the raw image of the vertical slice taken by the Scheimpflug camera.