In these pages Mouni Sadhu, the author of such well-known books as Samadhi 10 Concentration Contents PREFACE – page 9 PART I INTRODUCTION 1. Mouni Sadhu (17 August – 24 December ) was the nom de plume of Mieczyslaw . In his preface to Concentration Mouni Sadhu introduces the reader to the works of Yogi Ramacharaka and Yoga, stating: ‘More than half a century. Meditation Mouni Sadhu Concentration a Guide to Mental Masteryfixed – Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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In Days of Great Peace deals with the experiences leading to the enlargement of consciousness, while Concentration gives the necessary explanations and techniques for the first step, that is, domination of one’s mind.

Be careful not mounii start any exercises before establishing the certainty of this for yourself, if you want to avoid disappointment when trying to gain practical powers of concentration. If well performed, it may give the student much self-confidence and faith in his powers, apart from incontestable proof of the possibility of influencing matter by the direct concentration of the human will, with all the resultant sequences, which the student can investigate and realize for himself.

Just as the attitude of the student is of first-class importance to success, so the duty of the author is to help his readers, without allowing any good approach to be spoiled by his lack of personal experience. It should be successfully treated before an effective study can be undertaken. It is actually unexplainable; but I believe it to be something like an invisible radiation which can reach to the deepest recesses of the disciple’s soul.

This faulty attitude of the present day is based on the subconscious belief, that sahu ‘from outside may be added to pull aadhu as a mother cat pulls her kitten by its neck’.

Do not think of even the actual act of seeing or perceiving them, but only of asdhu which sees all these things – that which is responsible for it all. There are no icy rivers where 1 live now, but the winter months provide quite a sufficiently low temperature in the sea-water of the wide bay near my home. Realize that the essential thing in concentration is your actual work according to the line chosen and not just empty concentrztion of your mind.

So between and he lived for two years in Brazil, before emigrating to Australia. Now the answer to the question expressed in the title of this chapter- ‘Who is Qualified. Why not ask your mind here and now, Which of You is Boss? The West still lags behind, at least in its official knowledge, which only operates with theories and guesses.

Authored under the name Michael Sadau.

At the same time he advised the use of a morning and evening exercise for trying to retain the breath for fairly long periods while incessantly repeating the same prayer inwardly. Under such conditions hands and other human organs, when working properly, constitute a harmonious unit, capable confentration functioning in their own particular sphere of action. This is quite understandable, since the physical tool or ‘filter’ through which we are able to establish a contact with the acting mind is our brain, just as the nervous system is the conductor of feelings or astral cohcentration.


Perhaps the definition of occult as given in Wikipedia best describes Mouni Sadhus conception also:.

Mouni Sadhu

Aadhu these exercises of physical endurance bring any real ability, or were they only temporary stimulants and conditioning of outer circumstances? In the chapter ‘A Wish Fulfilled’ of ‘In Days of Great Peace’, Mouni Sadhu looks back on his life as a young man; “Many years ago, under the sky of far-off country of Europe, in the third year of the terrible conflagration of the first World War, a young man concenrtation military uniform was sitting on the platform of a small railway station waiting for his train.

The right psychological condition is that of recognition that you are not your mind, which should be your servant and not the master. The West possesses its own particular varieties of methods and exercises which ultimately lead to the same unique aim.

This excludes the opinions held by the many sectarian yogis and swamis, who are still in the school of Yoga and therefore are not authorities on it. If you accept and believe, that you are able, now or in the future, with the aid of this book to rule your thinking processes in accordance with your will, then two other facts emerge: This book serves as just such a manual.

On occasions when I have left sticks of Indian incense burning in my bedroom, I have often dreamt of being in a temple and watching puja a kind of Hindu massand in dreams other incidents from my life in the East have also returned again to my memory. The outer forms of the Eastern and Western traditions may differ, but not their innermost initiatory contents.

In the invisible world where our feelings and thoughts function, as well as the spirit of the inner unchanged essence, the element of ‘attitude’ is dual, and often even composed of all three of these factors. Includes notes between Mouni Sadhu and the publisher, letters, manuscripts and 23 additional folios indexed similar to this: If you are able to analyse your thinking processes, a sincere answer will always be in the negative.

Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery by Mouni Sadhu

The writer has impartially tried to collect in this book, the best and most tested methods and exercises, plus all necessary explanations, which later may give the student a basis for his own deliberations, by revealing previously unperceived horizons.


His life is spent on using and accepting something which originates beyond his reach and understanding. It is the Yoga of wisdom or—Jnana-Yoga. No eBook available Amazon. The official took leave of his benefactor, prostrating on the earth before the serene Seraphim. He saw and foresaw the dangers, misunderstandings and problems associated with this, and one can see too a rationale and a desire for clarity, wisdom, service and advice to pupils of his works in his writing about esoteric matters.

I have known Hatha-yogis who have perfected their domination of breath, and by the same fact the vital energy of the body or prana, but who were still far off any worth-while mental concentration and gy ruling of thoughts according to their own will. The uncontrollable and accidental phenomena exhibited by some people, who are not engaged in any particular spiritual search are not worthy of our attention. I do not know how far this type of person can advance.

Lesa Cossey rated it it was amazing Jul 19, The thinking process linked with the emotions is the common basis of such prayers and meditations and is just what we may see round us every day.

Mouni Sadhu Books

Every true philosophy teaches, and great religions reveal to us, that He is omnipresent, for there is no place in the universe where He is absent. There concentrwtion very many cases where people have spoiled their work and extinguished enthusiasm, by unnecessary curiosity which is only harmful and void.

If it were true that God and His creatures possessed such qualities, then these quasi-philosophers might even be right; but if the matter is carefully studied, the cardinal error in such a judgement will be easily seen.

But concentration in itself is proof of a more developed one. In particular, it is hoped that the exercises in Part III will serve for this purpose. When slowly spoken aloud, it was believed to have the property of immediate dissipation of all evil apparitions, as well as sinful thoughts and moods and other inner troubles.

But in this line of study concentratiom have to change your former nature and create something which was not present before. I think that many famous Indian yogis of tile past would have liked to have known their advanced Western brethren. The pseudonym ‘Mouni Sadhu’ Silent Monk[5] indicates the fact that Mouni Sadhu’s books are about the practical teachings embodied therein and the purpose and message entrusted him, and on a number of occasions he indicates that he felt that it was his spiritual Master who was directing the authors pen, certainly as far as the spiritual message contained in his works.