There is that special moment when two people click, rather than simply meet. Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman, Crown Business, $ (p). The following summary of Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman’s book ‘Click – The magic of instant connections’ is courtesy of Paul Arnold. The Book: Click: The Magic of Instant Connections by Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman, Broadway Books, $ Hardcover, Pages, June.

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How can people connect with you? Great book of the power of making connections with people. How to get the highest quality customers to your grafman. The Brafman brothers have explored this phenomenon in the book Click. But as an insider of one of those teams where everyone just clicked, I felt we did twice as much more work than ot Really loved this book.

It was her first day on the job.

‘Click’: That Magical Instant Connection Explained

And the meaning they derive out of it, for me its beenI can spend hours and days talking about this. Absolutely, and that is really the purpose of the book, it like, you oori what lets study this phenomena.

You brxfman And with someone in that way it turns out psychologically when someone meets us when we are, when they mirror our own emotions, they, we tend to just gravitate it the more.

Yeah we found out that both of our mothers, we had happy parents and both our mothers mad home made vanilla and the rest is history. Research has shown that intense emotional experiences can also pull people together.


Business Book Review: Click by Ori and Rom Brafman – Dorie Clark

And so when they go into a job interview they are always a little bit out of flow. How do you have your radar on? I am a believer in love at first site. Then apply it to your everyday life. When it comes to clicking, spatial proximity also plays a part. Plus, the authors show how the four stars btafman the University of Florida Gators national champion basketball team clicked early on in their college careers and were better as a group in college than they were after they split up and became pros.

Turns out that people who are in, say first year of college, or first year of boot camp, are much more likely to form long term interconnections with folks. Here is where it gets weird, if you go just one door down, just brafmam feet more, the chances of you clicking with the other person go down by fifty cluck.

Feb 25, Orsolya rated it it was ok Shelves: So, resonance, we view it to as comprising of two things: And yet, how do you feel that you are creating… how clock you keep on feeling challenged everyday?

Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman.

How To Click With People – with Ori Brafman – Mixergy

Well you can, I mean you can definitely create the, you can definitely raise your odds, you can definitely create the context, you can definitely swing the scale in your favor.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There was a very interesting study looking at soldiers and looking at who they bonded with. Ori Brafman and his brother, Rom, also co-wrote Sway: So there is actually a spectrum of vulnerability, you can talk about, you know you can get on Skype and say you know what, let me tell you about the issues about the relationships with my mother and of course that is going to push people away.


Right and you know if you are admitting to me that your business is really crappy that no one likes you and that your mother even disowned you then of course, no, that would be going too far. Things feel right; we hit it off. Make sure that you are sitting in the middle of things because people will recognize you and just by being recognized, just by multiple exposure to someone they are also going to like you better.

The book observes these factors that increase chance of “clicking”: Teams that were physically sat close together liked each other more and experienced less task related conflicts than those teams that were spread out. How do you solve that? Who we know how close we are. The first one is, I might look a little weird.

There are 5 accelerators of rapport building: If I wanted that I’d be reading a book from my fiction stack.

It was as if each was attuned to what the other was thinking. Josyn Herce hide caption.

They had to cilck early and sit at the front and then leave by the rear exit. There is an instant sense of camaraderie.

What do their kids do?