By Edwin G. Pulleyblank. UBC Press. Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar is a comprehensive introduction to the syntactical analysis of. Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar is a comprehensive introduction to the Renowned for his work in Classical Chinese, Edwin Pulleyblank opens the. So a very good reference for studying Classical Chinese is Edwin Pulleyblank’s. Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar. Vancouver: UBC.

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A gerund is a noun formed from a verb for example: Crawforde marked it as to-read May 27, Read more Read less. The meanings I offer are not always classicxl, but for the primary meanings I have striven classocal completeness, and mean by this list to supercede the prolixity of Mathews, the ingenuity of Pulleyblank, and the supplement at times the sparseness of Karlgren. It may be that a satisfactory description of the archaic and rare pronouns will never be possible due to the scarcity of examples, and that the general principles given in bold in this paragraph are as much as one actually has by way of rules.

This is a piece of malignant stupidity which one would be hard put to parallel. Though the reader should be aware that on occasion his translations for reasons of context usually not given or for better idiomatic English slightly deviate from the original Chinese.

A most welcome and practical book One learns the special idiomatic uses of the words by studying examples.

Matea marked it as to-read Feb 18, They come immediately before a noun to modify it. Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar fills that gap and is the first comprehensive introduction to syntactical analysis of Classical Chinese Ran Choo said, [It] is not that I don’t enjoy the master’s teaching, my strength is not adequate.

They provide an adequate overview of the topic without being pedantic.

Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Ancient pronunciation is referred to for explanatory purposes only, and is inserted for the benefit of the specialist. Chinesf you should look around SinceChinese-forums. In appendix A of Fuller’s book there is a very nice grammar summary and it discusses some of Pulleyblank’s perspectives.


Direct Discourse is the quote that goes inside quotation marks. Thus we arrive at “a king is able to be used to kill a man,” which we translate into adequate English by “a king can kill a man. Another example he gives argues against the idea that the exposed part is a topic, but again the resumptive pronoun is between the exposed object and the predicate:.

Edwin G. Pulleyblank – Wikipedia

In Pulleyblank’s graduate seminar on Old Chinese grammar, where the students were already somewhat proficient in classical Chinese, the notes were discussed point by point while the class was asked to dispute the analyses and offer individual interpretations of syntactical rules. Review By any measure the most important book-length work on Classical Chinese grammar to have appeared in a Western language since Gabelentz’s comprehensive grammar of more than a century ago An Introduction to Literary Chinese: My subjects, I will certainly help.

Thus Chinese would say “[At] the house there are guests. The final section covers topics such as subordinate constituents of sentences, non-declarative sentence types, and complex sentences.

One would also do well to acquire the Legge set of The Chinese Classicswhich one can classiical from a second-hand chniese bookseller for about two hundred dollars.

More often than not these give accurate glimpses into the concepts the characters express. The nucleus of this phrase is basic passive structure, verb placed after its object: The master said, A mediocre man, [who is striving] upwards, [one] can speak [to him] improvingly; a mediocre man, [who tends] downwards, [one] cannot speak [to him] improvingly. To make the people respectful, loyal and literally, “with this” diligent, how does [one] make [it] like this? My object is to provide definitions for the most common and versatile words that are simple, clear, and invariably applicable.

Yang Zi said, [My] disciples, remember this, [a man with a] worthy-doing self-praise-setting-aside heart, where could [he] go and not be loved?


I use, for example the term “gerund” pulleyyblank describe a phenomenon in Chinese grammar.

The one matter which must be particularly noted is that, after a negation, be it a negation of a verb or of the sentence’s subject, an object pronouns will placed before the verb. The shortcoming is that grammag really complete control of the grammar’s fine points will remain elusive. Some of these items ship sooner than the others. Thus the second Chinese verb in a sequence may begin a subordinate clause.

The shortcoming of mode of rendering is that the verb in Chinese is not really an infinitive like “to have studied. It does not serve as the verb “to be”!

The master said, as for [you] Tsi, [this] is not your attaining. A concise and useful book dealing with Classical Chinese grammar, with plenty of examples to show usage. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’.

I also liked that he limited the meanings of the characters to one, two, or three of the most common instead of drowning me in a sea of possible translations. Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching: This useful book is the first comprehensive treatment of the grammar of the ancient form of Chinese used by the great philosophers like Confucius and Mencius These texts are pilleyblank indispensable foundation of a knowledge of good literary Chinese, and, just as important, they have been carefully proofread.

Thank you very much!

Shi Jing The pronoun object of the verb is also frequently omitted if the subject which it would have referred to to is evident.

Pu,leyblank, his native language is German, not English, and thus he has some unusual word choices, which, in my opinion, detract from his books.