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E Translocations affecting genic context. Paired-end reads, Read depth and Split reads could be used to call SVs. We briefly describe the various types of SVs, discuss their probable molecular mechanisms of formation, advances in the development of tools and techniques to detect SVs and also their phenotypic consequences in context of prokaryotic genomes.

The major impetus toward understanding genomic SVs sprang from the availability of whole-genome sequences of multiple prokaryotic species and, in many cases, multiple closely related strains of a given species Tatusova et al. A Genomic region without any SV. It allows detection of balanced rearrangements by making use of fluorescently labeled nano-channel flow cells Das et al.

Recently, a new technology called GETR Genome Editing via Targetrons and Recombinases has been introduced for genome engineering of practically any bacteria Enyeart et al.

Data from short-read sequencing generally lead to incomplete genome assemblies because of the intractable complexities such as long repetitive regions found in genomes Huddleston et al.

In yet another supporting evidence, Campo et al. Cirfular many variant calling technologies have enabled the identification and characterization of SVs Skovgaard et al.

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Detection and possible role of two large nondivisible zones on the Escherichia coli chromosome. A tale of three next generation sequencing platforms: It has been tested on the smallest bacterial genomes: For instance, the reversible switching on—off of colony variation in S.

In addition, the molecular, cellular and mechanistic insights into their formation and resultant phenotype remain largely obscure Weischenfeldt et al. The last possibility has been explored by Nagarajan et al.


Besides insertions, inversions and sbs events, it also has the capability to detect mobile element insertions. SVs involving IS elements have been shown to activate the expression of neighboring genes Hubner ssvs Hendrickson, ; Mahillon and Chandler, Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Among the different types of genetic variations found in genomes, structural variants have remained the most difficult to identify and interpret.

Compared with its earlier release, the new algorithm could resolve incompatible SV calls and requires no post-processing of results.

In Split reads, a single read maps to two different parts of the genome that lie far away from each other. Large chromosomal rearrangements studies done using traditional genetic mapping or whole genome comparisons have been challenging in terms of accuracy and throughput. Acquisition of mobile genetic sgs through HGT in S taphylococcus aureus contributes to its genotypic and phenotypic diversity Deurenberg et al. Origins of the E. HGT results in the gain of a new genomic segment in a new genomic context.

1501-600 – Unknown

InDarling et al. Deletion of an essential gene in Escherichia coli by site-specific recombination with linear DNA fragments.

Some of the commonly used analytical ways of detecting SVs. Meningococcal genetic variation mechanisms viewed through comparative analysis of serogroup C strain FAM PEMer maps SVs at a higher resolution with a confidence measure and allows storage, display and manipulation of SV data.


Introduction of mobile genetic ssvs by site-specific recombinases can bestow epidemiological advantage to the pathogen with traits such ciecular survival under low pH conditions, and stressed environments, or drug-resistant strains Deurenberg et al. Thirdly, the constraint of keeping both replichores of same size leads to symmetrical inversions at oriC and ter.

High-resolution mapping of copy-number alterations with massively parallel sequencing. PEMer can detect insertion, deletion and inversions. It works without reference genomes. Breakpoints were determined to base pair resolution, and experimental verification of breakpoints of SGRs was carried out by padlock probe hybridization Sun et al. Includes read mapping, filtering low-quality reads, signature detection and clustering. The understanding of gene arrangement, organization and positioning could extensively be used to engineer new genes and pathways and contribute to a set of rules for designing and engineering genomes.


Phenotypic effects of deletions depend on the size and the location of deleted chromosomal segments on the genome.

Comparative genome analysis of N eisseria meningitidis revealed that repeats are involved in three major inversion events Bentley et al. The selection pressure leads to optimally placed genes with respect to circuoar for genes with certain functional attributes. BratNextGen functions by creating a Bayesian clustering model, to detect recombination in taxa along with resampling.

Most of the SVs such as inversions, deletions and translocations have been largely studied in context of genetic diseases in eukaryotes. D Inversions affecting gene structure, the gene gets inverted and flipped and rearranges, thereby pushing one of the promoters of first gene orange away from it. Mobile elements jump from one position to another within a genome often resulting in duplication.

101 are copy-invariant SVs because there is no net gain or loss of genomic information. Each of these discrete events is caused by a double-strand break involving at cirvular two different locations, followed by a re-ligation of the broken ends to produce a new chromosomal arrangement or context at the ends Hastings et al.

A fusion promoter created by a new insertion sequence, IS, activates transcription of 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid catabolic genes in Burkholderia cepacia AC Flexible and interactive visualization of GFA sequence graphs. The balanced SVs comprise inversions. Accurate and precise identification of SVs would require prediction of three features, namely, copy, content and structure Alkan et al.

Evidence for symmetric chromosomal inversions around the replication origin in bacteria. This type of SV is particularly more evident and common in multi-chromosomal bacteria, where the smaller secondary chromosomes evolve more rapidly Morrow and Sfs,