: The Book of the City of Ladies (Penguin Classics) ( ): Christine de Pizan, Rosalind Brown-Grant: Books. The Book of the City of Ladies is a work of prose by Christine de Pizan that was Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and. Christine de Pizan (c) was France’s first professional woman of letters . Her pioneering Book of the City of Ladies begins when.

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Thank You for Your Contribution! Pizan combats Meun’s statements about women by creating an allegorical city of ladies.

The Book of the City of Ladies | work by Christine de Pisan |

However, it’s interesting enough to see how the medieval mind percieved history, the use of Ovid and Boccaccio, of Homer and mythical-religious sources as “historical fact”, how some of the accusations against women are eerily alike modern misogynic cliches “women want to be raped”, “women are unintelligent” and so on and onand there’s a clear folkloristic-historical value to this.

I’m not one to believe that a person from the past should be given more leeway for ignorance due to it being typical of the past – I simply don’t believe this linear historical supremacism. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. I also remember thinking that was not unusual considering the fact it was written in the 14th century, and those people were really ladied when it came to women’s rights and stuff.

The book will strike some students as repetitive and the style will not appeal to many, but just reading the gook and a part of the book will expand their sense of the possibilities for women in the Middle Ages. Women have had tough circumstances almost since the beginning, but here are ways to live away from hate. To help Christine see reason, Lady Reason comes and teaches Christine.

The Book of the City of Ladies

For instance, in her sketch of Medea — which lauds the sorceress as a mythological heroine — Christine de Pizan conveniently neglects to mention her infanticide, which is, arguably, the most compelling thing about her.


This aims to educate women of all estates, the latter telling women who have husbands: She does, however, offer a powerful cornerstone to build off of, which can be demonstrated simply by the Wiki page devoted to collating hyperlinks to all the historical and religious figures of women mentioned throughout the pages of this work.

However, it’s interesting enough to see how the medieval mind percieved history, the use of Ovid and Boccaccio, of Homer and mythic I can’t for the life of me say that this book is “good” or “bad” or anything in between, it’s not one of those books. About the noble and holy Nathalia.

These women are “housed” in the City of Ladies, which is actually the book. Thank you for your feedback.

About the blessed Theodota. She does invent some new explanations for the stories about pagan goddesses, saying that they were likely local figures of great renown who were treated as gods later as time passed, due to their learning or example.

We have to bear in mind, though, that one aspect of Christine’s anti-misogynist and pro-woman strategies was to advise women to conform to these patriarchal mindsets in order not to be scorned and attacked by the repressive society they were living in. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

She exposed crude and vulgar language as another weapon used to slander women while simultaneously denigrating the sexual act itself. View all 17 comments.

Her greatest literary work is the City of Ladies in which she describes a female utopia, an allegorical society built by ladies for ladies. This text is the French translation of the historical portions of Speculum Maiusan encyclopedia by Vincent of Beauvais that was begun after About Griselda, the marchioness of Saluzzo, a woman of unfailing virtue. Chrstine made many notes, skips, if edits for my own thoughts and to build some consistency in the passages. Looking for More Great Reads?


Christine recounts how the lady who had spoken to her told her who she was, what her function and purpose was, and how she prophesied that Teh would build a city with the help of the three ladies. About Isis, who discovered the art of making gardens and growing plants.

About the maiden Arachne, who invented the arts of dyeing wool and of weaving fine tapestries, as well as the art of growing flax and making it into cloth.

Stay in Touch Sign up. Christine and the protagonist character of the book and the writer demonstrates how women did not have many rights as men did and women neither took a stand for one another. They have come to help Pizan build a safe haven for women since they have gotten the short end of the stick throughout history. About Judith, the noble widow.

No one reads your book, Christine. About the noble lady Tertia Aemilia. Just because we don’t know about them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. In medieval Europe, misogyny certainly was a commonplace point of view in the popular works of literature of the time as well as in all other parts of life.

I’m really astounded by this work because I just can’t believe it comes from the time period that it does.

This part closes with Christine addressing women and asking them to pray for her as she continues her work with Lady Justice to complete the city. I’m no 15th-century philologist, but I’m not feeling this as a fundamental “feminist” cheistine — and an early masterwork of “women’s literature” — when it’s essentially paraphrase of Boccaccio, in St-Augustine-Lite allegorical form.

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