Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists, and Vacant-Lot Gardeners are Inventing the Future Today! [Chris Carlsson] on * FREE*. Nowtopia: Strategic Exodus? Chris Carlsson Nowtopia identifies a new basis for a shared experience of class. Specifically, the exodus from. In , Chris Carlsson writing in Processed World (the magazine that he helped found), outlined the challenge facing community activists after the.

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Rarely defining themselves by what they do for a living, people from all walks of life are doing incredible amounts of labor in their “non-work” time, creating immediate practical improvements in daily life. In other words, the public sphere, where politics is performed, has been largely emptied of content in terms of the exercise of power: DIY punk philosophy and a hearty dose of ingenious problem solving.

Author Chris Carlsson argues that today, the American working class is fragmented and not able to organize through traditional union politics, since people work in jobs where they are moved around a lot or are more individualized in smaller units, like retail jobs or smaller shops or service jobs, with many different locations, as opposed to the factory setting of the 20th century.

Thus the world is crazy, and revolts are also practices of hope. This is the name he gives to the powerful feeling of connectedness that emerges in times of social conflict and upheaval. My only complaint about this book is that though there is a ton of useful information provided, I sometimes felt the book could have had more of a gustatory relationship with the DIY cultures that were written about. In Lexington, Kentucky in there was strict segregation including water fountains.

Their project was based on DIY ethics, on environmentally friendly motives, and on a reuse ethic, which in the current days where gas prices are through the roof might seem like a good alternative and a cheap way of fueling vehicles. As it happens, most of these activities address the basic constituent elements of our modern, industrialized life, but from a bottom-up, DIY frame of reference.

Nowtopia – class, capital, and new communities – an interview with Chris Carlsson

Nowtopia is packed with thoroughly documented examples of cooperative bike kitchens, urban gardening movements, biofuels coops, and the free software from someone intimately knowledgeable about each of these movements. Can you tell us more about the revolutionary history and potential of the bicycle?


In doing so, they also set the foundation—technically AND socially—for a genuine movement of liberation from market life. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. As Americans poured into the territory seeking their fortunes they aggressively sought to implant a political and economic order that ensured their own well-being and denied it to every everyone else.

The practice match was held to raise money for the Olympic team, but famously racist Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp tried to ban Barksdale from playing.

In small, under-the-radar ways, they are making life better right now, simultaneously building the foundation—technically and socially—for a genuine movement of liberation from market life. They did not sell the products of their minds and hands.

A water bucket was brought to the players and a bottle was passed around each huddle. But there will always be people who think the key arena of political life is the contest for governmental power.

cralsson For me it gives a sense of the concrete, and the idealistic, all wrapped up with a certain urgency. More often than not, women lead in rebuilding a sense of community by everyone with an interest in the gardens putting caring for them. Paperbackpages. Conservatives would have us believe that every ill in society was ushered in at that time, whilst many on the left bemoan how the potential for significant change has been gradually eroded and co-opted into a chtis changed capitalist system.

As capitalism continues to corral every square inch of the globe into its logic of money and markets, new practices are emerging through which people are taking back their time and technological know-how. We need to take the time to develop our philosophical and political depth, nowtopiz history, ecology, and technology, and practice imagining the world we want to live in.

I’m only into the first chapter, but so far it’s as interesting as I would expect.

Nowtopia – Contents | Chris Carlsson

For a book that spends so much time discussing DIY movements in which people use their bodies to try to create a sense of direct participation in the world, this book feels a bit disembodied at times.


The second is Nowtopiawith nowttopia chapters on the outlaw bicycle movement. Chris Hawk rated it it was amazing Aug 02, No trivia or quizzes yet.

How realistic is it to say, as many of us would, that wage-labour has always been with us, and always will be? Chris Carlsson has written a very nice fhris here that is basically all about class and revolution, but through the lenses of: Two of them would be vital xarlsson to advancing desegregation and the rights of all athletes in the years ahead: Bruno rated it really liked it Mar 08, The practices outlined in Nowtopia embody a deep challenge to the basic underpinnings of modern life, as a new ecologically-driven politics emerges from below, reshaping our assumptions about science, technology, and human potential.

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That first wave of settlers included many southerners who brought slaves with them. These projects have done a great deal to change the way people see the world and the US in general, and i’m sure glad that the projects and movements involved are now archived and discussed in print. You see friends and pull over on the spot to converse and find out together what is happening in the world rather than being stuck in your car consuming corporate propaganda on the radio, you can find out things with no mediation, directly.

Meir rated it liked it Mar 12, In that context are the small, everyday ecological actions of nowtopians that you describe part of the overall solution or a token-gesture, a diversion of energy that would be better spent lobbying Corporate America or the Corporate World in general to change its ways? He interviews people who’ve opened up bike repair spaces to anyone who wants learn.