For building range: Body use, breathing THEN chopbuilders like lipslurs! Dec 23, # How long have you been playing trumpet? Dec But there was a trumpet in my home, and I got hold of this band book and started practicing. I soon got the hang of On the way, I practiced lots of chop builders. Recording of players such as Maurice Andre or Doc Severinsen for trumpet players to tension, the student will be buzzing the same pitch that the trumpet was playing. XtremeRange Development: ChopBuilders (Treble Clef) ยท XtremeBrass.

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The benefit has been very palpable, dramatic, and undiminishing. Band Director Terri Palazzolo is seeing great progress from her students using the P.

Last year, after a five year hiatus from playing and at an age when most good players are thinking of retiring, I decided to try to come back yet again since a community wind band had just formed.

Congratulations on a wonderful product! Congratulations again on being on the cutting edge not only in mouthpiece design but accessories as well. Also note that the plastic and gold models appeal to users with an allergy to silver. I try to get a good burn going which takes me at this time between 5 and 7 minutes.

What a great idea! The benefit from a time standpoint as well as an impact standpoint are invaluable. I try to play everyday, but If I spend any trumpwt away form the horn, I notice it. I’ve been using it daily with some common sense and my chops feel as strong now as they were in college, when I would play all day! Lead trumpet with Harry Connick, Jr. It is not necessary to let go of the P. So I highly recommend this as a way to keep your embouchure in decent shape when playing isn’t an option.


Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions. I usually do a lot of playing during the day and evening so before I go chopbyilders bed I do the PETE exercises for both ends for about 3 or 4 minutes.

For years now I’ve preached to all my students that trhmpet the muscles of the face associated with the formation of the embouchure will greatly improve their power, endurance and flexibility not to mention their ability to play in the center of both pitch and tone which we all know are the basic tenets of a great sound and an incredible range. Available in the same materials as the brass player’s model – except that the plastic model is blue Delrin plastic instead of black.

It is working marvelously in tandem with my Casual Double High C method. In YOGA, you learn and maintain physical positions that are low impact, but help develop strength, flexibility, and balance. Within a week of doing two sets of 3x 30 seconds daily, I had noticeably more endurance, and the other players were also noticing the difference. Venezio Author of Trumpet Search Media New Media.

By having you work on material in a very certain way. Share This Page Tweet. Orders are usually processed in business days. Dec 23, I have another surgery coming up and look for the PETE to keep me in shape, as I have a big trumlet session at the end of my rehab period.


My trumpet history

Players who are required to regularly play in the extreme upper register, or those who have reached a plateau in their efforts with the original P. Check out the new Power Pack Toolkits and save money! She has been using the P. If you want to know precisely when that is, please contact us at Yes, my password is: Kincaid’s Is Music is the Miami Valley’s premier full-service music instrument dealer.

Airy high notes?

I also have a colleague who’s chops were “saved” whilst on holiday by using the P. You will quickly feel the muscles of your chops responding to the challenge. However, because of the convenience of working out with the new P.

How you do them is just as important as what you do. The woodwind player’s model also has three rubber o-rings whereas the trumpeg player’s model has two for easier identification.

The results are what you describe. I’m a total believer and will be totally and enthusiastically pushing this to all my students, friends, acquaintances, relatives – perfect strangers even – whether brass players or not.