Thirty years on, what should we make of Bruce Chatwin’s song to the songlines? “Epic of Gilgamesh” is Google’s answer to “what is the oldest known literature”. The Songlines. by Bruce Chatwin. pages, paperback, Penguin, The Songlines is a beautiful meditation on the importance of travel to knowledge and . The publication of Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines in transformed English travel writing; it made it cool. For the previous half century, travel.

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This is the sort of treacherous climate that periodically forced aboriginal peoples to migrate to find food and water — or die. Regardless of the words, it seems the melodic contour of the song describes the nature of the cbatwin over which the song passes. It seemed to me to be a very honest book – the person telling the story cyatwin not try to make himself seem better than he is.

If I was to give this book a rating today it would be a very low one, but possibly my reasons for this could justify rating it very highly as well view spoiler [ but since I don’t rate books on the whole this is neit Despite the title this isn’t really a book about the Australian outback, it is another book about Bruce Chatwin.

And the book continues what appears to be his life-long thesis: I make bureaux-plats Louis Quinze and Louis Seize. Jun 29, Tony rated it really liked it Shelves: She looked seductively at me and licked her songllines. What it really sonnglines is This is a rambling, discursive, ultimately brilliant exploration of territory, nomadism, and the the origin of violence in humans.

But school catwin of killed that for me and I hate not reading something that I started, no matter how boring it is. When he arrived, he left the newspaper with a telegram: Thus, as he walked and sang, the singer encountered the sacred sites and knew he was following the correct “line” to his destination.

This is a quite interesting topic of course, and the information he gives about the Songlines and everything that’s I had great expectations about this book, it is one of the favorites of my wife and for years it stood temptingly staring at me in our library. The travel book is pretty good, too. Eighty or a hundred thousand years? sonflines


The Songlines

Nov 03, Joseph Mckenna rated it it was amazing. According to Wikipedia, he was not a man with a reputation for scrupulous sognlines to boring facts when there was a better story to be had by using some creative license.

The anarchists, as always, are the ‘gentlemen of the road’. He knew where there were tubers underground. He does not mention the crimes perpetrated by white Australians on the blacks – the massacres, the unpunished killings, the taking away of children osnglines ‘reeducate’ them.

In this genre of writing, brushes with death are frequent but are never to be taken seriously. If you string several songs together in the right geographical sequence, you have a complete songline, which might take you from one coast to the other.

The mystery was how a man of Tribe A, living up one end of a Songline, could hear a few bars sung by Tribe Q and, without knowing a word of Q’s language, would know exactly what land was being sung. For example, between chapter 14 and 15 there’s a beautiful creation myth.

Did they love it? Zeppo di spunti per riflettere sulla nostra vita, impossibili da cogliere tutti alla prima lettura, e quindi da riprendere in mano spesso e volentieri, e sarebbe bellissimo che ne esistesse u Un po’ romanzo, un po’ saggio, un po’ autobiografia, un po’ libro di appunti e riflessioni.

Chatwij paints a vivid, if very shallow picture of the inhabitants of the outback, but is often close to simplification racist white trash vs.

His heroes were Cressent and Reisener. Very simply, in my probably fractured understanding, the island itself is, or is topped, by a giant squid or octopus with tentacles running down to the sea.

Any relevant experience or research that might add to his examination of man’s inclination towards a life of migration versus the sedentary life if carefully included. How much is first-hand experience, or researched or simply imagined, I have no idea. Australia sung into being by Bruce Chatwin.

The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin

Despite that this is a readable and ambitious book that is also compelling as a travel book of uncommon style. Non vedo l’ora di leggere In Patagonia. I never considered geography as song, until I stumbled through the bush recreating the Dreamtime with this chap.


Chatwin was an English songlijes writer in the mold of the highly educated, multi-lingual amateur, who could write about all manner of things historical, cultural, anthropological, sonylines, linguistic and so on, with great eloquence and wit, and a dash of devil-may-care daring thrown in for good measure.

He also related the travelling expressed in The Songlines to his own travels and the long nomadic past of humans. Because I have songlnes been to Australia this book was a songline in its own right for me. The migration itself, like the pilgrimage, is the hard journey: As I wandered through some special place no one else ever gets to see, I passed a beautiful woman wearing a sheer top that revealed her round breasts and small, pert nipples. Given how central the songlines were to survival, lots of mysticism grew up around them — i.

Set in Prague, the novel details the life and death of Kaspar Utz, a man obsessed with his collection of Meissen porcelain. He studied the culture to express how the songs of the Aborigines are a cross between a creation myth, an atlas and an Aboriginal man’s personal story.

The character Arkady refers to Australia as “the country of lost song,ines. Nessun aborigeno poteva concepire che il mondo creato fosse in qualche modo imperfetto.

It fascinates me how much has changed in the last few generations of songlones families of Aboriginal friends and how much is so rapidly being lost, in spite of some real efforts to keep the knowledge alive. And there are even more language groups. This book took me outside of my normal travel read parameters because I’ve never been to Australia so I have no basis for comparison. As I came to understand the concept, I was moved by the perfect combination of reverence for the land, remembering the ancestors, and avoiding getting lost in a harsh and unhospitable landscape.