The prototypes for the low-level CBLAS functions are declared in the file gsl_cblas.h. For the definition of the functions consult the documentation available from. This article shows how to use cblas (and others) in C with a simple example: To test the BLAS routines we want to perform a simple matrix-vector multiplication . Gentoo package sci-libs/cblas-reference: C wrapper interface to the F77 reference BLAS implementation in the Gentoo Packages Database.

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DSYMV – symmetric matrix vector multiply. This question appears to be off-topic. SGBMV – banded matrix vector multiply. CHEMV – hermitian matrix vector multiply. STRMV – triangular matrix vector multiply. CGEMV – matrix vector multiply.

ZHPR – hermitian packed rank 1 operation A: CHPR – hermitian packed rank 1 operation A: ZHPMV – hermitian packed matrix vector multiply. Sets an error handler function.

GNU Scientific Library – Reference Manual: GSL CBLAS Library

Rank-k update—multiplies a symmetric matrix by its transpose and adds a second matrix double precision. We will gladly answer any questions regarding the software.

CCOPY – copy x into y. This document describes the functions declared in the header files cblas. Double-Precision Complex Matrix Functions. ZTRSM – solving triangular matrix with multiple right hand sides.


SSPMV – symmetric packed matrix vector multiply. SSYR2 – performs the symmetric rank 2 operation, A: Computes the dot product of two single-precision complex vectors. ZHER2K – hermitian rank-2k update to a matrix. SSPR2 – performs the symmetric packed rank 2 operation, A: CTPMV – triangular packed matrix vector multiply.

Reading the file blas2-paper. CTRMV – triangular matrix vector multiply. Rank two update of a packed symmetric matrix using two vectors single precision.

Computes the dot product of two double-precision complex vectors.

BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms)

Can someone recommend a good reference or tutorial for the cblas interface? Scales a general band matrix, then multiplies by a refegence, then adds a vector single precision. DTRSM – solving triangular matrix with multiple right hand sides.

CHBMV – hermitian banded matrix vector multiply. SSYRK – symmetric rank-k update to a matrix. DTRSV – solving triangular matrix problems.

BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms)

The vecLib framework contains nine C header files not counting vec Lib. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation NSF or the Department of Energy DOE. DSWAP – swap x and y. ZTRMM – triangular matrix matrix multiply.


Please refer tools cbkas under Windows using Cmake the cross-platform, open-source build system. ZDOTU – dot product. STBSV – solving triangular banded matrix problems. DNRM2 – Euclidean norm.

CHPMV – hermitian packed matrix vector multiply. We only ask that proper credit be given to the authors. DCOPY – copy x into y. ZTPSV – solving triangular packed matrix problems. CHER – hermitian rank 1 operation A: Thus, it can be included in commercial software packages and has been.

DROT – apply Givens rotation. DTBMV – triangular banded matrix vector multiply. DTRMM – triangular matrix matrix multiply. SSYMM – symmetric matrix matrix multiply. DSPR – symmetric packed rank 1 operation A: It seems like the extra parameter only adds complexity to already an already error-prone interface. Machine-specific optimized BLAS libraries are available for a variety of computer architectures. SASUM – sum of absolute values.