Caverns of Thracia () – The Original Classic Adventure by Paul Jaquays, with new maps and editing by Bob Bledsaw III. Designed for. Caverns Of Thracia – A Lost Civilization Beneath the lost ruins of Thracia are the vast caverns of a once great civilization. While a death c. Item Code: WW Title: Caverns of Thracia. Type: Scenario. System: d20 Dungeons & Dragons. Author(s): James Collura, Paul Jaquays, Scott Greene.

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I’ll be the first to congratulate you if you do; it’s one of the cavernz lessons the old school still has to teach us about adventure design and I’d be very pleased to see it incorporated into newer games.

I mean, they must have noticed the lethality when they were first playing, right? The TSR productions should be regarded, not as an unattainable height, but as a target of quality caverbs should be equaled or even surpassed. Sure, describing odd rooms can be tough.

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: The Caverns of Thracia

A module IMO should inspire the DM to create his own stuff, not intimidate him out of trying to do so. Both had an incredible ability to stuff an immense amount of ideas into a relatively small product. This dungeon is for characters of levels 2 through 6. Handling the Table Personality: From what I understand, the Necromancer Games 3. In its brief general comments, the book provides some suggestions for where Thracia might be located in a campaign world.


These books were pretty much the genesis of the tabletop role-playing game genre. At that point the player would have the choice between being careful and withdrawing, or pushing his luck and fighting on. And treasure is not something that typically comes up. Thursday, February 26, Delta December 31, at Mail will not be published required.

Reading them or the BECMI rules, which I never saw for the first time, you have no preconceived notions of how things work. It is left up thacia the DM whether they would like to leave the players entirely in the dark, or give hints as to what awaits them.

It seems you can’t go ten feet without being jumped by gnolls, minotaurs, or other nasties. Most of what I saw and bought were the modules and accessories from TSR itself.

Guest Review: Caverns of Thracia

The Massacre of Fire. Given the complex, multi-level design thracka the house and the high-quality cartography it definitely enhanced play. But I also agree with the points Leland makes. Wednesday, April 01,8: Those creatures revolted, causing the humans to flee or be killed, then they occupied the lower levels themselves.


Guest Review: Caverns of Thracia – Multiverse

Coincidentally, figuring I may as well productively use my obsession with changing integral game mechanics, I actually started writing an entirely new setting and rule set for my group, with a relatively unique use of dice and the caverbs of various system staples.

Complex of Zombies Adventure: The players are aware of it, but they consider it to be far out of their reach.

Then just finding the right piece of map to pull out gets challenging.

A dwarf of intelligence 11 or more might speak Common. The Second Session Part 7: Monday, March 30,5: I never owned or played Thracia, but I’ll say this: If you start tweaking it, then you have to start tweaking a lot of other things. James Maliszewski January 1, at 2: And instead of a simple loop, there were a couple of extra cavetns in there. The Caverns of Thracia.