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Centre de Recerca POLIS

Consulting Get advice from our expert team in order to make effective decisions. Enter your information User o email: We began editing books and data bases of material costs and unitary prices.

We are a reliable, complete and timely model for xatalogo commercial partners. Internationalization and presence in mass communication media ; strategic alliances and societies with companies from the United States, Canada and Europe.


Why should you be a Bimsa Reports business partner?

The years of growth; Bimsa stands out as the largest company of its type in Mexico and Latin America. Specialized operations for market research and public perception. Birth of Bimsa Comunicaciones Bimsa Reports, today to serve the construction industry exclusively. Bimsa Reports has 3 business lines in order to offer you cataloyo comprehensive consulting on the construction industry and its behavior.

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New technologies are adopted and operational capacities are strengthened. Foundations and consolidation of the first market research and information services company in Mexico for the construction industry. Through the data we provide them with, they achieve new and better businesses in a dynamic, complex and highly competitive industry.

Construleads concentrates information on constructions and new building projects, Activecost provides information on unitary prices and material costs, and BR Analytics is our new market intelligence modular tool. You are never on your own, we provide you with permanent technical support and post-sale service. Construleads and Activecost brands are created.


Our Company

Full service in market research, insights, analytics. The first Marketing Map of Mexico City is published. Sister companies Specialized operations for market research and public perception.

Subscribe to our Newsletter: Profitability Bimsaa access to high value information to seize business opportunities. We provide you with detailed information on the construction industry that you will not find anywhere else Experience Get solutions based on 56 years of knowing the Industry.