Carte tehnica(maintenance). Transcript. 79>?6, -+:3>96?6. -+:3>96?6 / -+:3>96?6 0 -+:3>96?6 1 /7 7/-+ +6 79>93/ 7+8?+6¤. View and Download Daewoo MATIZ service manual online. MATIZ Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: My Daewoo Matiz este o mașină din clasa mini produsă de constructorul sud- coreean de automobile Daewoo din anul A înlocuit Daewoo Tico, care era o.

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Does the scan tool indicate that this diagnostic has Go to Step 7 Go to Step 2 run and passed? D Disconnect the throttle position sensor connector 4. D Place support jack under the crossmember.

Camber is measured in degrees and is not adjustable. D Improper the tire rotation. D Carefully remove the distributor assembly 2. The combustion chambers are formed into the manifold jcamshaft ketc. D A history DTC is stored. Remove the engine coolant temperature ECT sen- sor. Check the fuel system pressure. Remove the bearing races from the brake drum.

Tighten Tighten the transaxle mounting bolts body side to 45—55 NSm 33—41 lb-ft. Remove the pulley and rotor assembly from the front bracket. Allow the engine to idle until normal operation temperature reached. D Plug the opening in the brake line to prevent fluid loss or contamination. When replacing a wheel speed sensor, inspect the sen- sor circuit.


Daewoo Matiz Manual, 52hp,

D Remove the nuts 3. Tire truing with a blade-type machine is not recommended because it substantially reduces the tread life and often does not correct the problem permanently. Parking Brake Cable 7. D Electric leakage or poor D Connect the cable correctly connection of the high or replace it.

Daewoo Matiz Carte COMPLETA intretinere

Remove the front exhaust pipe. Use only new screws.

D Disconnect the ground wire 2. Tighten Tighten the adjustment nuts to 10 NSm 89 lb-in 3. Citeste 1 review Scrie un review.

Car service manuals

Clutch Pedal Spring Remove the vacuum hose from the power booster. Install the lateral rod. Tighten Tighten the bolts to 18—28 NSm 13—21 lb-ft c. Suspensia si rotile automobilului: D Remove the brake pedal spring 3. D Remove the fuel filter 3. Each coil spring is retained between a seat in the under- arms and a lateral rod, two coil springs, two shock ab- body and a seat welded to the top of the rear axle.

Do not smoke in the area or permit an open flame. D Disconnect the vacuum hose from the intake man- ifold 1.

D Remove the coupling 1. Wait 10 seconds and check the pressure held by the tank cap tester. Freeze Frame and Failure Records buffers. S Worn joint by grease leakage.

  ASTM E1444 PDF

Lower Mounting Bracket 2. If pulling the high tension cable jcircuit could be disconnected.

Daewoo Matiz – Wikipedia

If the air pass through the check valve or not, replace the check valve. Does the scan tool indicated that this diagnostic has run and passed? Note the test light while cranking the engine for each fuel injector. System OK Check the fuel system pressure after a cold start or during moderate or full throttle acceleration. D Remove the bearing 3. Install the front wheels. When a if other diagnostics are performed first.

Cuprins manual auto Daewoo Matiz: D Shift the shift yoke using a driver to engage the first—gear and the third—gear or the second—gear and the fourth—gear 1. Rear Drum Brake Hose tehnixa Tighten Tighten the castellated nut to 30—55 NSm 22—41 lb- ft.

System OK Repair the fuel system as needed. Operate the vehicle within the conditions for setting this DTC as specified in the supporting text. Is a problem found?