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To avoid two grids having to be generated you can define the ‘Height aeea grid’ parameter. Arrangement Definition For the definition of a Free Arrangement only the name of the arrangement has to be specified.

The only thing they share is a common arrangement name. The lighting calculations are performed at each of these points. It can be viewed in the project luminaire details dimensions tab.

If no textual or graphical table is included for the connected calculation, no output will be generated. The default side of the grid is related to the orientation of A, B and C and is determined using the right hand rule.

This can include remarks and statistics about the project, e. Number of Same With this parameter you can set the number of identical luminaires at a luminaire position see also chapter ‘Luminaire Position and Orientation’; section ‘Luminaire Quantity’.

This site is excellent for both beginners and experienced, it is very informative and up to date. Glare Glare rating Unbearable 90 80 Disturbing 70 60 Just admissible 50 40 Noticeable 30 20 Unnoticeable 10 For glare rating calculations the following formula is used: Tables which are not needed can be deleted so they will not show up in the different dialogues.

The calculation point can be part of a calculation grid or can be an observer’s eye for the calculation of the veiling luminance. If you do not want this and it does happen, click on the Cancel button and the action will be undone.


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The aiming presentation of luminaires can be set in the luminaires list. The following maintenance calculud are specified: The interpretation of the above luminaire formats can differ. If afterwards a different luminaire type is needed, you can click on the down arrow in the Project Luminaire Type box and make your selection.

The ‘Lamp Survival Factor’ is based on the assumptions about the switching cycle, supply voltage and control gear. Also take care that values are not put on top of each other and that the output scale fits.

This restriction is included to prevent the loss of orientation information. When the above parameters have been set arra luminaire s can be added to the luminaire list by clicking on the ‘New’ button. TI Threshold increment in the viewing direction of the observer. Maintenance costs per year. Dear edvard how can we this software, plz help. For the presentation of the results, only a textual and graphical table are possible.

For this drawing, entering the name, the XYZ coordinates of where the centre of the text should be and the actual text is all that is required. The position of the obstacle can obstruct the luminaire, in which case the calculation in Calculux will be affected.

Clx Area User Manual | Leonardo Oliveira –

An irregular grid is a set of points without any relation. Project Luminaire Type If a project contains ccalculux or more luminaire types you will need to select the required luminaire type.

The package is intended for use by lighting engineers to carry out simple artificial lighting design calculations. In this way it is possible to view the value of the aiming angles while the used aiming type is XYZ aiming or aiming points while the used aiming type is RBA aiming.


Lines within a polygon must not cross each other.

You can set the location of the default directory in the Directories tab of the Clculux Options dialogue box Options menu. Inbound C A B The default setting for the arc shape is inbound for creating segments up to a full circle. Calculux will calchlux calculate the Glare Control Mark if the following conditions are met: A Point Arrangement normally has a unique aiming pattern.

Be aware that if you move the centre coordinates of an application field, the drawing you’ve added will not move.

Calculux Area

Usually I am facing the problem of submitting quotation and BOQ to the client. A number of luminaires defined as a group is called a luminaire arrangement. You can choose from: The angle is measured counter clockwise from the AB-axis normally this is the X-axis. Remember me on this computer. The range of the glare assessment scale is from 10 unnoticeable to 90 unbearable. In a Free Arrangement the luminaires are considered as part of an arrangement but there is no arrangement rule for defining the number of luminaires and their positions.

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For Road lighting luminance, the observer is the driver of the car. This simplifies luminaire arrangement entries where one or more of the luminaires have the same orientation. There is no linear relation between the value of the light regulation factor and the power consumption of a luminaire.