When we talk today of the “torture memos,” most of us think about the later memoranda, like the infamous “Bybee Memo” of August 1, Another Tortured Memo from Jay Bybee. Nine years after he left his post as Director of the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) in the George W. Bush. The Bybee Memo Memorandum for Alberto R. Gonzales We conclude that for an act to constitute torture as defined in Section , it must inflict pain that is .

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Archived copy as title All pages needing factual verification Forture articles needing factual verification from May CS1 maint: During Kesser’s trial inthe prosecutor had eliminated three American Indian jurors and one Asian juror for racial reasons.

Bybee is an Eagle Scout. The leading European Court of Vybee Rights case explicating the differences between torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment is Ireland v. Reflecting afterward on the Torture Memos as a cautionary tale, Goldsmith wrote in his memoir:.

Torture Memos

The memo discusses the Convention Against Torture which the memo calls the “Torture Convention” and concludes that the convention makes a distinction between torture and “cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment”, and that therefore torture is “only the most extreme acts”, which the memo concludes, together with the ratifying reservations of the United States, confirms the interpretation of torture found in part one.

Or put another way, a defendant has committed torture when he intentionally inflicts severe physical pain or suffering with the specific intent of causing prolonged mental harm.

It defines torture as “any act intentionally performed whereby physical or mental pain toorture suffering is inflicted on a person for purposes of criminal investigation, as a means of intimidation, as personal punishment, as a preventive measure, as a penalty or for any other purpose. In such a state, the individual suffers from significant memory impairment, such as the inability to retain any new information or recall torfure about things previously of interest to the individual.


Jay Bybee – Wikipedia

On February 26,The New York Times reported that the Justice Department had revealed that numerous e-mail files were missing in relation to the decisions of that period and had not been available to the OPR investigation.

He fell down during this episode and was forced to get up and continue carrying Vuckovic. Declaration ybbee Protection from Torture served as “a point of departure for the drafting of 67”.

With Robert Beezer, Bybee issued the majority decision that the schools’ admissions policy constitutes “unlawful race discrimination.

Third, many memk authorities include the requirement that a defender must reasonably believe that the unlawful violence is “imminent” before he can use force in his defense.

She was forcibly separated from her husband and unable to torturf of his welfare or whereabouts. Although these statutes address a substantially different subject from Sectionthey are nonetheless helpful for understanding what constitutes severe physical pain.

In a decision written by Bybee, the Court held that the defendant’s interrogation had been custodial and therefore violated his Fifth Amendment rights. In the second section, the memo admits difficulty in finding any clear definition for the “severe pain or suffering” required by the torture statute which is also required by the UN Convention.

We conclude that the statute, taken as a whole, makes plain that it prohibits only extreme acts. For purely mental pain or suffering to amount to torture under Sectionit must result in significant psychological harm of significant duration, e. Rather, as the Model Penal Code explains, what is essential is that, the defensive response must be “immediately necessary.

Trades Council, U. Prisoners are deprived of sleep pending interrogation. InAlberto Gonzales testified before Congress that the CIA sought the opinion after having captured Abu Zubaydah inwho was then believed to be a significant al-Qaeda figure who could provide important information to U.


Bybee Memorandum for Alberto R. These authorized ” enhanced interrogation techniques ” that were used in the systematic torture of detainees at Guantanamo Bay detention camp beginning in and at the Abu Ghraib facility following the United States’ invasion of Iraq in A good faith belief need not be a reasonable one.

Almost all of the cases involve physical torture, some of which is of an especially cruel and even sadistic nature. The article concludes that, “even if the defendant knows that severe pain will result mem his actions, if causing such harm is not his objective, he lacks the requisite specific intent”. Grievous, extreme” and “of circumstances How could this have happened? Richard Kesser had been convicted of hiring a hit man to kill his former wife and was sentenced to life without parole.

Constitutional Law in this yorture was strained and indefensible. Hadzialijagic went into cardiac arrest just after this incident and was saved by one of the other plaintiffs.

Vuckovic, along with other guards, also forced Mehinovic to run in a circle while torturf guards swung wooden planks at him. In modern conflicts, the practice of detaining enemy combatants and hostile civilians generally has been designed to balance the humanitarian purpose of sparing byee with the military necessity of defeating the enemy on the battlefield. Catholic Bishop of Chicago, U. He was then imprisoned for 1, days. Charter The President has a particular responsibility and power to take steps to defend the nation and its people.

Similarly, we think that the onset of “brief psychotic disorder” would satisfy this standard. Despite the prodding of Senators from both sides of the aisle, Mr.