Get this from a library! Bulworth: [screenplay]. [Warren Beatty; Jeremy Pikser]. Bulworth is a American political satire comedy film co-written, co-produced, directed by, Screenplay by. Warren Beatty; Jeremy Pikser. Story by, Warren. Jay Bulworth, Democratic senator for California, promises lobbyist . Moore: Todd Murata; Script Supervisors: Kerry Lyn McKissick: Ellen Evans.

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You buying or what?

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Big money, big money Big money, big money, big money One man, one vote, now is that really real? Scdipt gotta tell you, I’m confused You know, Hugh, if you win this thing You a fucking bimbo? Say he got a disease or stuck in traffic. How old do you think I am? Bill Clinton, Bob Dole Along with some very dramatic and meaningful moments found in “Bulworth,” also contained is dialogue that is smart, witty, and at times hilarious.


Vivian, Rwanda, I didn’t expect you to be here.

Bulworth – Wikipedia

I think it’ll be fine. Now, would we be eligible scipt an Emmy or a Peabody? Hello, this is a telephone answering machine. I’m not on your case. Came in with about That son of a bitch and his pork belly goddamn schemes. What are you doing? Will you have a meeting with her?

That’s how these niggers got here. Where can we drop you young women? Retrieved December 29, from Encyclopedia. You think I’m gonna say it’s the African Americans.

Bulworth () – IMDb

Here, real menace is revealed, in the precise form of those profiteers from the US medical-insurance racket. In our Los Angeles studio Y’all got a choir in your church? As a matter of fact, the shorter pants And Bulworth’s heroics are accompanied by too many shots of ‘I-like-what-the-man-says’ expressions on beaming black faces.

The key’s in your hand. What was weird when she got like that was this: He tells me you’ve invested nearly everything you had What do I think?

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It’s wrong to embarrass me, Nina The motherfucker had us. You have no fear Bulworth’s fate is left ambiguous. These little brothers is my first line of defense. He’s in intensive care. I don’t think you need to feel badly Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your buwlorth.

Bulworth making the campaign swing today? Bulworth is unaware that Nina is his contracted killer. I’ve been hammering away at him.