4. 5. Tento pin objevil(a) pedinoha. Objevujte (a ukládejte) své vlastní piny na Pinterestu. Indonesian food | Wellingborough | Toko · Sauces · Indonesian · Malaysian · Filipino · Korean · Chinese · Vietnamese · Thai · Indian · All Products · About us. Buah Lam Lay These are Buah Rambai and they were my grandmother’s favorite . They taste like Langsat, but slightly on the sour side.

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This disease should buan a disease that should be avoided early. This fruit does not contain excessive sugar content, so it will not raise blood sugar levels in your body. Kotak info taksonomi tanpa warna Phyllanthaceae Tumbuhan diesius. Stamen raceme pokok rambai mampu membesar sehingga 15 sentimeter dan pistillate inflorescences mampu mencecah 75 sentimeter panjangs.

Ruang nama Rencana Perbincangan. Hey, how come no vuah of my fav manggis mangosteens? They may be eaten raw or cooked or made into jam or wine.

Buah Rambai 500gr

Hi, that buah Lam Lay, we call it buah rambai. Or include them in your profile. The result, you can avoid diabetes.

This fruit is a fruit with a high enough fiber content. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. The pulp is sweet to acid in taste. Rambai Baccaurea motleyana ialah spesies pokok berbuah yang hidup meliar di bahagian Asia Tenggara dan ditanam untuk buahnya di Thailand dan Semenanjung Malaysia.


Pokok rambai ramai daun malar hijau yang berkilat di bahagian atas dan perang kehijauan berbulu halus di bahagian buxh daun. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

The Fruits of Malaysia

Each leaf is up to 33 centimeters long and 15 wide. The staminate racemes are up to 15 centimeters long and the pistillate inflorescences may reach 75 centimeters in length. A healthy digestive organ will make your digestive system healthy too. Buuah Chubbypanda — at a glance, they do look like Durian. I also had great fun soaking in the rainbow coloured durians of Balik Pulau hills! Keeping blood sugar levels Usefulness of this one rambai is able to keep blood sugar levels. While these stalls are basically simple wooden sheds, they usually carry the freshest, most organic fruit in Malaysia.

I am still learning about photography. Overcoming dehydration Efficacy rambai with a lot of water content that is overcoming dehydration.

The fruit is similar to duku fruit. Baccaurea Fruits originating in Asia Dioecious plants Phyllanthaceae stubs. You know that when you eat rambai, you have to eat with the seed unlike langsat. How I long for it.


File:Buah rambai – Wikimedia Commons

The tree is also used for shade and low-quality wood. Cure some skin diseases For outer disease, efficacy rambai was also very powerful.

The evergreen leaves are shiny green on the upper surface and ramba and hairy underneath. Daripada Wikipedia, ensiklopedia bebas. In addition to fresh, you will get good nutrition from the nutritional content in it. Helps the digestive system The benefits of railing for digestion are supported by the fiber bah in it. In addition to water, you can also try to consume this fruit for thirst release. Can anyone tell where can i get this rare exotic fruit in KL or anywhere near.

Baccaurea motleyana – Wikipedia

Healthy digestive organs Efficacy rambai in addition to digestion is to maintain healthy organs. Laman ini diubah buat kali terakhir pada On average all the compounds contained in this fruit will nourish your body. We will try multiple buay and fruits just for fun also bcoz they r cheap in the kampongs.

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