Find out about the Philips BrightView XCT system for SPECT/CT scanning at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara. Product, BrightView XCT BrightView X upgrade to XCT, designed for single or dual detector nuclear imaging accommodating a range of ECT. Philips – BrightView XCTFits you like no other, BrightView XCT is a SPECT/CT system designed entirely for nuclear medicine. We took a deeper understanding .

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Philips Highlights SPECT/CT, PET/CT | Imaging Technology News

The system improves registration confidence between emission and transmission maps because the table remains stationary in many cases. If you continue to use the site, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive these cookies on the NetForum website. Uniform operation Uniform operation reduces retraining BrightView XCT is designed specifically for nuclear medicine and does not require CT retraining for nuclear medicine technologists. Stereotactic Breast Imaging Bdightview Report: News Prostate Cancer June 13, The transition involves a simple upgrade without a change to the room size or power requirements.

Philips Highlights SPECT/CT, PET/CT

Go to similar content. Time-of-flight technology measures the actual time difference between the detection of coincident gamma rays for more accurate localization, producing a higher quality image brihhtview allowing for lower tracer dose amounts in patients and shorter imaging times. Vital, a Canon Group company, will highlight the latest additions to its enterprise imaging portfolio at the The BrightView XCT brightviwe technological advances that can enable low patient dose levels, high-resolution localization and high-quality attenuation correction with the potential for fewer artifacts and shorter exam times.


NetForum uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The estimated projections are compared to the measured projection data y, and error projections c are computed from the difference.

I would like to receive marketing related electronic communications about Philips products, services, events and brightbiew that may be relevant to me based on my broghtview preferences and behavior.

State of the Industry: Reduced movement can help improve patient comfort and allow for more confidence in image registration, the process of comparing, matching and superimposing the SPECT and CT images on one another for analysis. Technology Advanced Visualization December 05, IMV, part of the Science and Medicine Group and a market research and business intelligence provider to the imaging Results and discussion System performance In the following, typical XCT system performance measurements are presented.

The flat-panel based system enables reconstruction with a bdightview mm isotropic voxel size for the entire FoV and as small as 0.

The result is superb image quality and comprehensive data obtained in decreased time. Projection regions with counts below a defined threshold are filtered to reduce streak artifacts in the reconstruction. Consortium Exploring Healthcare AI. Estimated time of purchase. An ultra-large gantry aperture provides an open patient experience. Pelc, editors, Medical Imaging What does this mean?

Technologically advanced BrightView XCT enables low patient dose levels, high-resolution localization, and high-quality attenuation correction with the potential for fewer artifacts and shorter exam times.


For XCT reconstruction, an iterative method called SART 6 is used to create an initial image estimate, followed by several iterations of an ordered-subset maximum likelihood method.

As illustrated by Figure 6, the quick review generally brightvew good results although some artifacts such as the knit lines between segments can be quite visible. Iterative reconstruction The basic principle of iterative reconstruction is outlined in Figure 3.

Open the catalog to page 4. Videos Advanced Visualization November 30, The patient zone is designed to create an optimum physical and emotional environment for patients. We took a deeper understanding of what works for you and your patients and combined it with advanced intelligence in technology and services.

Stereotactic Breast Imaging Technology Report: Bfightview to put patients first, the system is easy to use, fast and reliable with exceptional image quality. Zip or Postal Code. Physics of Medical Imaging, Proc. Digital Radiography Technology Report: The acquired X-ray projections are half-field projections of the object, because of the offset-detector geometry.

Concurrent imaging functionality facilitates easy optimization of new molecular imaging protocols. Focal uptake of I indicates disease. Email this NetForum article. As mitigation, the XCT iterative reconstruction computation was implemented on a graphics processing unit GPUresulting in reconstruction times of less than 5 minutes per XCT segment for 1 mm isotropic voxels, brightvirw.