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So much time has gone by in taking sustenance from the corporeal form and also from the avyakt form. Baba has come from the supreme abode to take us back. Notify me of new comments via email. The subjects here are very good.

It is a wonder that there are also many temples to our Father Shiva. Only when you have the dharna of an attitude that is free from attraction can you remain cheerful. Om shanti Like Like.

Mera baba mitha baba payri baba shiv baba happiness om shanti Like Like. Many souls would stop going to centers because they feel that reading muralis is all that they are expected to do. By constantly staying in your self-respect you will automatically have all attainments.



We have jewels of knowledge in us worth hundreds of thousands. Keep Updated We would like to know about you and keep you updated. Know the importance of the point and become great.

If you have performed a lot of devotion, you will take a lot of knowledge and explain knowledge to many others. This age of celebrating a meeting is said to be the age of the flying stage. As you children make further progress, you will automatically continue to have visions.

The Father, the Bestower of Fortune, is showing all of you children the extremely easy way to make your fortune. Here, Baba makes you into the masters of Paradise. From satopradhan, you have become tamopradhan and you have to become satopradhan once again.

Tell these points to one another. Make a plan for this. I have come to give you the full inheritance of heaven. Click here to read — Thai Murli.

You are the elevated souls who always attain success by using this method. Even if it is the burden of your own sanskars or of the gathering, no burden will allow you to fly.

During this month, we will remain introverted and keep the aim of becoming like Father Brahma and make intense effort. It has been years. Caily speed of flying is determined by the method.


You are a fortunate, elevated, special soul. After listening to the story of the true Narayan, you change from an ordinary man into Narayan.

Daily Murlis – Brahma Kumaris

The importance of the Point Zero. Previously, Bharat was heaven and now, Bharat is hell; there is the difference of day and night. Become bestowers at this time and every soul in your kingdom will remain full for every birth. The best therapy for this: BapDada is looking at the children who are the decoration of the home. You will then become empresses and queens. Is there any problem for odia murli, because since long time it is not available.

By listening to the classes, they have become those who conduct classes. This world is only going to last for a short time. Become free from selfish intentions in both lokik worldly and alokik spiritual actions and relationships.