Daniel Tammet has been working with scientists to understand the implications ‘You close BORN ON A BLUE DAY with a sense of profound. Born on a Blue Day. A Memoir of Asperger’s and an Extraordinary Mind. Daniel Tammet First published in Great Britain in by Hodder. Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant, a Memoir. Daniel Tammet, Author. Free Press $24 (p) ISBN.

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It also appeared on bestseller lists in the UK, Canada, and Germany, and has been translated into numerous languages.

Daniel Tammet: Different ways of knowing | TED Talk

Maybe more amazing stories and exercises demonstrating his ability to work out math problems or logic puzzles quicker than a person who is not a savant. What is inside a black hole?

As a result, the rest of the memoir is consumed by an almost list-like, fairly dispassionate chronology of his experiences in grade school, secondary school, teaching abroad, etc. Look them up in Wikipedia if you don’t know the terms. This danie turn enables him to process complex mathematical problems effortlessly: View all 4 comments.

I think I was expecting something different when I picked up this book and even after I had seen part of the movie that was made about Daniel Tammet’s life. I wonder at the outcome of this as no two people think alike and worry that his way tmmet seeing numbers etc will be interpreted as some kind of bible within the scientific community.


It’s tall, it’s a lanky number, a little bit wobbly”. Others have complained that Tammet narrates the events of his life in a flat style. Accessibly and entertainingly written, Case Histories provides a definitive account of Jeremy Hutchinson’s life and work.

Daniel Tammet

Since the advice frequently takes the form of a paragraph awkwardly tacked on at the end of a chapter, I felt like it wasn’t really organically grown from the text. Daniel also made a great decision when he got with a group gay guys and got comfortable with them.

His learning was enriched by an early passion for reading. He experiences numbers as shapes and colors. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

Retrieved 18 May Some sample words include:. Tammet’s ability to think abstractly, deviate from routine, and empathize, interact and communicate with others is impaired, yet he’s capable of incredible feats of memorization and mental calculation. Although a novel human story, this does not provide much insight into how Tammet’s brain works and why other brains are not like his. When you create an account with us, you’ll be able to save your favourite books, make a wishlist of upcoming titles, receive newsletters about books you’ll love, get recommendations tailored to you and order our books directly.

Most individuals with these syndromes cannot do this. But tqmmet first chapter of the book, I have to admit, was a little dry becuase he was trying to introduce you to his mind and how he percieved numbers as shapes. I also feel like I have to answer the reviewer below who blie Tammet a sociopath.


Echoing the sentiment of her hit single, she really is running the music world right now. My impression as I was reading his book could not have been further from that! It just comes to them. Tammet has been studied repeatedly [10] by researchers in Britain and the United States, and has been the subject of several peer-reviewed scientific papers. Soon the two were inseparable and their diverse, comic and occasionally dangerous adventures would transform both their lives, slowly healing the scars of each other’s troubled pasts.

I read this book in pre my Fay days so didn’t write a full review of it, but I agree with the many positive reviews of my friends here.

The plot thickened, when due to a complicated fusion of hormones, horrible family dynamics and a no-good boyfriend they hated, Jo ended up leaving home at Even so, this was not as bad as the chestnut collection that grew so large his parents feared boue would come through the floor of his second-story bedroom. Botn Daniel describes feeling like the odd one out in his family, being puzzled about how to make friends, being the proverbial square peg in a round hole are really universal themes.

Is there a God? A rare glimpse into a mind functioning very differently than your mind.