Billy Corgan Featured Poet: Four poems online by Billy Corgan from Blinking With Fists, Around the Maypole, The River Runs Foul, Blinking With Fists (and other. As lyric poems, however, without the support of a band, it’s just totally high school , totally amateur, totally naive, and not in the good way. Blinking with Fists. dum dum dum mmmbbbbbbbbbb!!! hello friends, neighbors, lovers, poets to be, cloaked agents of nothing, and sinners all, .

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I know I sound snide, or pretentious but really, I’m looking dorgan to returning this back to the fista. Let’s fasten our seatbelts and take motivational breaths. But there are moments of striking skill with words and stunning and original corgab peppered throughout. I wa I have always had a hard time pinning a number or opinion to a poem by someone I don’t know personally.

There is this wholly original image: This isn’t to denounce writers having something in common with readers, or to value seasoned writers over the green ones, but my patience grows thin when a famous musician gets published by a major press, in hardcover no less, while I know at least a dozen unknown poets who are an eternity more informed and creative.

The Best Metal of In other poems, Corgan intones, “the poetry of my sorrow is written in these words” or “I am your eternal love”, or he’ll exclaim “Oh how we used to laugh!


I read this collection without looking at any reviews and once finished was unsurprised to see that most other readers were just as unimpressed.

Blinking with Fists: Poems by Billy Corgan

I found one poem to nibble on; I found the rest to be comparable to the writing of high-school students, sophomoric, shallow, and weak. Give this book to a kid in school to show and illustrate what average, if average, this really is. Give this boo Bill Corgan, a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, musician and more of the Smashing Pumpkins left me drier than a homeless man’s yearning of a martini.

I read this collection without looking at any reviews and once finished was unsurprised to see Two stars is generous.

My sister always tells me to take down my sp posters, but I can’t bring myself to touch them. What I dislike more then seascapes witg lame poetry about seascapes and there are several references to seascapes and the sky and it kinda made me want to throw up a little.

I think the man is brilliant as a lyricist.

Will there be a n European tour after finishing your record. He’ll use poetic words like “vainglorious,” “supine,” and “bespeak”.

Blinking with Fists

That’s a good thing. But there wasn’t a single complete poem that stood out to me. If after reading a poem several times you still have no idea what the poem means or even how the words fit together, it is not a good poem. Billy Actually it’s very disappointing. That album was an enjoyable but odd departure from the normally appealingly bleak Pumpkins fare.


Blinking with fists / Billy Corgan. – Version details – Trove

Reviews Blinking with Fists: But what the hell was up with this book? Corgan is perhaps more known for his talents as singer and songwriter with the band, The Smashing Pumpkins, making the poems most similar to his lyrics rise to the top of the collection. No trivia or quizzes yet. Billy Corgan US publication date: It lacked a coherent theme, I struggled to figure out what any of the poems were actually about, and the majority read as a string of random words that lacked any kind of flow.

Damn, does he have a way with lyrics and poetry. The “title” poem is darn good, and “See Saw Swam” is an intriguing fistss in language.

Billy Corgan Poetry Four Poems at

AND if he does a book signing I will lie, cheat and manipulate my way out of work that day! This kind of rawness, if you will, seems to be Corgan’s thing lately.

I’m certain you’ll never read this don’t I start all my comments to this journal this way? I’ve never classed myself as a huge fan of the Smashing Pumpkins, but what does appeal to me most on the albums I own is their lyrics and sense of storytelling within the songs.