and then if you want to also install the documentation (very useful): Note: as of Debian 7 “Wheezy” bind9 ships with a file containing default. A very useful package for testing and troubleshooting DNS issues is the dnsutils package. Also, the BIND9 Documentation can be found in the. There are many ways to configure BIND9. Some of the most common configurations are a caching nameserver, primary master, and as a secondary master.

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This can be useful for a slow internet connection. It should match the first octet of your network. Also, it’s a good idea to delete the documentarion and private files generated before.

Now create the db. When configured as a caching nameserver BIND9 will find the answer to name queries and remember the answer when the domain is queried again. Partners Support Community Blnd9. Here it changes to box I believe the author was simply trying to show that additional computers would be listed, but failed to use a different address bine9 box. Secondary Master Server A secondary master DNS server is used to complement a primary master DNS server by serving a copy of the zone documsntation configured on the primary server.

This guide is aimed at people looking to learn how to configure and maintain a DNS server, such as for a network caching name server or to serve DNS zones for a domain name. This increases security, by stopping the ability of an attacker to edit any of your master zone files if they do gain access as the bind user.

It’s also connected to the LAN Now that the zone is setup and resolving names to IP Adresses a Reverse zone is also required. The lower the number, the higher the priority. IN MX 10 mail. Documentatin should be inserted into the bind configuration by an include because the bind configuration itself docmentation world-readable.


Kind of slow but still useful. This is simply the inverse resolution the opposite of type A. Time To Live expresses the duration in seconds validity, by default, of the information contained in the RRs.

Some of the most common configurations are a caching nameserver, primary master, and as a secondary master. Channel Option First, we need to configure a channel to specify which file to send the messages to. The include line specifies the filename which contains the DNS options. Network Layout Docuentation get internet access through an xxxbox To install the server simply install the bind9 package. See dig for information on testing a caching DNS server. Rash dkcumentation an interesting article about this and how to force the source port randomly via the iptables: If you still bin9 to go forward with it, you’ll need this informationwhich isn’t covered in the instructions that follow here.

Stealth servers are intentionally omitted. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. Bind Chroot The named daemon is started using the bind user by default.

After creating the reverse zone file restart BIND If no logging option is configured for the default option is: If all goes well the Secondary should resolve example. Bind9 last modified Page History Login to edit. No additional repository needs to be enabled for BIND9.

BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual

Any additional records or edits to the zone are done on A, but computers on the internet will only ever ask B and C about the zone. This is the serial bund9 to increment with each change of file. Unless you’ve explicitly disabled AppArmor, you might want to read this before you decide to attempt a chrooted bind. An example zone definition is listed below. Create an A record for the base domain, example. The serial number in the reverse zone needs to be incremented on each changes as well.


Verifies the validity of zone files before resetting the configuration.

All categories not mentioned, are similar to the default category. The default configuration is setup to act as a caching server.

This is a simple example of the BIND9 logging options available see bind9. Secondary servers are recommended in larger setups.

BIND 9 Documentation

Remember that dcumentation path is relative to the root set by -t. In this case the name of the primary DNS server “sid. All files BIND uses will be relative to this directory. The first is dedicated to name resolution, in our case, it is the file db.

Also, name the zone file db. The first category is, as its name indicates the default category that is usually assigned to syslog. If the web address has no language suffix, the preferred language specified in your web browser’s settings is used. It’s still a secondary, but it’s not going to be asked about the zone you are serving to the internet from A and B If you configure your registered domain to use B and C as your domain’s DNS servers, then A is a stealth primary.