Aamar kache besh kich indrajal comics ache ja ekhane nai kintu amar kachey scanner nai. kichu din somoy dao jatay scanner purchase kore pdf format a. Amar kache dekhlam kichu Bengali Indrajal Comics 2 copy kore ache. ami ogulo onyo kono collector er sathe exchange korte chai. Comic # Bengali Indrajal Comics(No): Bahadur meets Bela in the Sada Bhuter Adda(সাদা ভূতের আড্ডা). Friends,yesterday was the.

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Anonymous 2 September at Apatoto bhabchilam amar site ta shift kre http: Sumi 27 January at Thursday, May 6, What is your first Indrajal Comics? bengzli


View my complete profile. I took a 2nd route to reach the CS,met a lone seller on my way on the foot-path with hardly total books who ‘told’ me that Ijcs are quite available in that area,even showed me few and assured me that he can arrange many! Flash Gordon- Interstellar travel, Planets inhabited with aliens of different forms and shapes,laser guns,new adventures unfolding at distant planets with every new issue Aj hazir korte chalechhi 2nd issue Pashhur Pratihinsha.

Thanks and Regards, Satyaban Anonymous 14 January at It was only later I went there,during or so,and that too due to a funny incident. Marina 2 January at Then on my 3rd attempt and probably went to be my last,if failed!

Bengali Indrajal Comics

Amit Ghosh 6 August at Many a times I have been transported to Xanadu or the office of inter-intel. Numbering r r ghare. Have to admit,it was a refreshing change to the foreign stories. Niloy Sarkar 20 March at I am sorry for that.


Do you still get to find them there? Unknown 3 May at Commics that article,here I’m giving the actual texts remember one thing,that person was wrote that after his sudden discovery of a pile of Ijcs,so his statistical knowledge was not that perfect,but emotion was right from the beginning ” Return to Comics [By Shalabh Mohan] Does xomics get nostalgic about the comics of our youth? The good old days of paying single digit prices for a copy of Indrajal will never come back.

Only last week, I happened to pass by a raddiwala in the Juhu market who had a huge stockpile of odd assorted Indrajal comics.

Bengali Indrajal Comics

You will get the answer in this thrilling adventure,4th of the series,scripted by A. The first prize in various kiddies’ competition used to be in the range of Rs.

Pratham je betaler boi publish hoye chhilo January e sei boitai “Laljadukarir Rahasya” amar pratham upload. These comics reminds me of my childhood days. Manas 1 March at Asale boita khub ekta bhalo condition-e chhilo na, tai samay lagalo etake refresh korte. Thank you so much friends for doing such a great work. In between there were other customers who were trying to get to other magazines and novels, whom I quelled with comic strong glare.


Bengali Indrajal Comics – Free Download Bangla Books, Bangla Magazine, Bengali PDF Books

Indrajals were in abundance even with odd sellers with very few connection and what was the rates??? Is it just for fun or get something more out of it? Anonymous 28 November at This is not that story of how they found Walker’s Table.

Pratham banglai indrajal comics ki chhilo amar chhotobelai ta jana chhilona. Anonymous 3 December at Not to mention the pygmy bandar, Old Man Mozz, the location of the skull cave deep within the forest, which all captivate my imagination.

I have read in many blogs about college street being the hub for Indrajals. Still remember rushing home from school day after day and eagerly inquiring with my mom if the VPP from diamond had arrived,starting the second week of every month! My favorites were Phantom the ghost who walksMandrake the magicianBahadur the brave etc. inrajal

What is your first Indrajal Comics? Debarpita Dutta 17 March at With the concept of Comic-Con having dawned on India recently,the emergence of a comic grading body in our country may not be far away.