View and Download Uniden BCT15 owner’s manual online. scanner radio with Trunk Tracker III and automatic scanning capabilities. BCT15 Scanner pdf. Uniden BCT15 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Uniden BCT15 Owner’s Manual. Get support for your Uniden BCT15X Scanner at Uniden Customer Support. Corporate Info · Find Your Product Scanners BCT15X User Manual.

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Press Hold to resume. Set Quick Key sets the quick key for the group. Thanks to the Radio Reference. The band number will blink under the band that the hit was found in.

The display information helps you understand how your scanner operates. The more channels you have set to priority, the longer the interruption will be.

Adjusting The Display Contrast This system is created if you do a Close Call ‘Auto Store’. Rotate VOL clockwise to turn on the scanner and set manaul volume to around The ‘ Custom Screen ‘ for Close Call is a plus if you live in a ‘noisy’ area allowing you to program specific ranges the scanner will ignore.

mahual Quickly Storing a Frequency. No to cancel storing a tone code if asked. The scanner stores the ID into a created channel group called ‘ Qck Save Grp ‘ and you will be at the ‘ Edit Channel ‘ menu to complete the settings for the new channel. If you turn this feature on, the scanner mutes, starts Close Call Only mode, and stores any Close Call hits from the bands selected in ‘ Set CC Bands ‘ up to the maximum you specified in the ‘ Max Auto Store ‘ setting.


Setting Location Information source. Press to start scanning then press again to unlock function mode.

Uniden BCT15 Owner’s Manual

Automatic Channel Setup – accepts frequencies on any valid channel step, even if it does not fall within the band plan’s default steps. Information On The Internet To enter the Settings Screen press. The trunking system automatically transmits the call on the first available frequency, and also sends on a different frequency called a Data or Control channel a code bch15 uniquely identifies that transmission as a talkgroup ID or just Mwnual.

Then press 29and Hold while turning it on remember the game called Twister? An overview of the features can also be viewed at my Trunking Radio Comparison Chart page. To select a location turn the scroll control.

Then, select the system type: The range is typically miles, depending upon the terrain and many other factors. Firmware Version and Serial Number.

You cannot set the delay on a ‘per channel’ basis. UHF Hi, 25 cm Ham. Editing a Custom Search allows you to edit the 10 custom search ranges. Manuaal lower number makes the break shorter, but makes it more likely that some alerts are missed.

Easier to Read BCT Scanner Manual

See also Broadcast Screen. Used for ‘Search with Scan’ only. Check back often as this document will be updated and revised from time to time.


Priority Scan When the scanner is scanning a conventional system, it janual scanning every 2 seconds to check priority channels for activity.

The BCT15 includes state-by-state preprogrammed frequencies designed to provide you with good general radio coverage targeted to the state you are in.

Uniden BCT15 Manuals

Specifying The Correct System Type A larger value kanual a wider variation in volume. If you find a Motorola control channel it will search for IDs in the system if you hold on the frequency.

Number of Talkgroups per Block. In Close Call Only Mode: To view the last CC hit press Hold. The tone pattern varies depending on what type of location it is. You can also set the scanner to Auto Store Close Call hits.

On — the scanner outputs the signal. Creating Groups Once you have your Systems built, systems options configured, trunking system Sites Createdand Site Options configured, you can create your groups.


For each scanner, press MENU. Programming General Settings The following section deals with the general settings of the scanner. FM — the scanner uses FM frequency modulation for the frequency band.