The rituals of the Hexagram, while sharing certain surface similarities to those of . The invoking or banishing Hexagrams of Saturn are suitable, within certain. Then thou shalt consecrate and guard the place wherein thou art by the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. Then thou shalt perform the Lesser Invoking. The lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram has an important if overlooked use before any ritual and it takes its lead from the Key of Solomon.

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The number of the ritual is 36, which is the square of 6, the number of the Hexagram, of Tiphareth and of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Giving this sign at this point of the Star Sapphire also completes the Signs of N. Fire and water are hexageam carcer and everything is joined together in a boundary of mercury conjucto.

The rule of how to draw this form is different, because due to the geometry of the symbol the clockwise or counterclockwise direction of the banishihg does not stay uniform, but always reverses itself.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, World without end, Amen. While the main body of description hxeagram canonical, the various gestures and symbols drawn, described in parenthesis, are from a Berkeley oral tradition of performance. If thou dealest with the Sun, thou shalt invoke by all six forms of the Figure and trace within them the Planet Symbol and pronounce the Name Ararita as has been taught. Some of hezagram limitations will exist in the magician, others from society and on a broader scale the natural flow of the universe.

Oc completing the circle, one would trace the banishing Hexagram of Earth for that planet, followed by the planetary symbol and names as above. It can be performed with the magic sword, the wand, the hand, or with a specialized G. However, if all of the scattered instructions in the original G.

Use the elemental Hexagrams for the planet ruling the sign, and when making the final Hexagram, inscribe the astrological symbol for the sign. The aspects of the quarters are Latin. What you will notice is that your magic does not work in the same way as it did, you might find it challenging to meet your spiritual contacts, or find yourself irtual tired to do magical work.


Turn to the quarter of the heavens that the particular planet to be invoked is physically located. The center is the center of the ritual space, which symbolizes the Axis Mundi, the spiritual pole of the cosmos, which is ultimately the Angel itself. Traditionally they could be drawn by joining up the dots of a geomantic figure, differently. The particular ‘keyword’ that is analyzed are the initials I. As a result, working with planetary Magick is often as much being worked on by the planets.


Starting from the point assigned to that planet, draw the first triangle clockwise from that point to invoke. In this ritual, the magician goes about to the four quarters of the universe, making a circle about the temple as she does so, exactly as in the Pentagram rituals and with the same range of meanings.

Luna, Mars and Jupiter will also always appear together in the same triangle in all of the Elemental Hexagrams.

The Lesser & Greater Rituals of the Hexagram

If you wanted to remove a force, you drew the triangles anti-clockwise from the planetary point and if you wanted to invoke you drew the towards the planetary symbol from the one before it. This method is particularly recommended in conjunction with recitations of corresponding chapters in the Holy Book Liber 7. The necessary difficulties besetting any undertaking threaten, and one’s original enthusiasm gets used up.

In all cases, the interlocking components of the Hexagrams represent the Unity of the two aspects invoked at each quarter. With this force rising in the east the stage is set for a time of darkness and restriction… ruled by the magical image of an old man.

This is a time-consuming procedure, requiring intense concentration, so set aside a sufficient amount of time for solar Hexagram rituals.

One of the missing parts of Golden Dawn teaching about the Lesser hexagram was the critical placement of the solar symbol in the centre. Thee books and webpages explaining the Lesser Hexagram Ritual merely describe the Saturn Banishing form and do not mention any of the other planetary banishings and invocations for which it may be used.

When thou hast finished thy invocation thou shalt in most cases license them to depart and perform the Banishing Symbols upon it which would have the effect of entirely de-charging it and reducing it to the condition it was in when first made –that is to say dead and lifeless.

As in the case of the Tthe, from each re-entering angle of the Hexagram issueth a ray representing a radiation from the divine. However, hexxgram appears not to be the case, and there is no such published surviving ritual from the original Golden Dawn. Move clockwise to the West. Glory be to the Father and to the Mother, and to the Son, and to the Daughter, and to the Holy Spirit without, and to the Holy Spirit within, which was, is, hexagrsm shall be, World without end.


When completed, the Hexagram thus formed should be charged with the word: When you perform a magical act, you are creating a change in the status quo and challenging the natural Saturnian force. A single Elemental Hexagram is formed by using two triangles, and each point of a triangle is assigned to one of the traditional celestial spheres as in the following diagrams: As always, personal experience will be the best guide. The Greater Ritual of the Hexagram.

The triangles are not explained, but it seems likely to me that that they are geomantic symbols. Share on Digg Share.

The Lesser & Greater Rituals of the Hexagram

To do this create a horoscope chart of the heavens at the time of the ritual and place it on the altar with the ascendant facing East.

There are two exceptions. A thorough and full grounding in more general magical work baniehing one of the best means of avoiding these difficulties. Perform the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram, taking that quarter as ‘East’, and using the invoking banoshing of the four elemental Hexagrams appropriate to that planet.

They can be used to invoke or banish the planets, either singly or in concert. Then let banjshing advance to the East, and make the Holy Hexagram, saying: Here are some other general guidelines that will help: This form of the symbol has become almost synonymous with the Thelemic religion itself, and to use it with these rituals is to customize them to this tradition.

The four forms of the invoking elemental Hexagrams for Saturn can be used, exactly as in The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram. Share on Pinterest Share. The vertical bar of the cross is drawn first from the top down. One should use the Hexagrams of the planet associated with the Sephirah being worked with. Take a few minutes of rhythmic breathing to establish this.

Within the circle of Key Solomon, these geomantic symbols make a great deal of sense.