Auralex has provided raw materials and even complimentary guidelines for wall construction for sound isolation with our Acoustics guide for many years. Real-World Acoustics® · Acoustics ™ · Auralex® University · Auralex Acoustics Auralex MAX Kits help bridge the gap between our Portable Treatment. Real-World Acoustics® · Acoustics ™ · Auralex® University Auralex ProPanels are high-quality, fabric-covered acoustic absorptive panels designed to.

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PLAY We hope these demonstrations have helped you make some decisions about what you’d like to do in terms of construction for your room s. The desired effect is that you feel you are “in the room” with the band. Ideal, “Double Wall” Construction For the best possible results, we suggest in www.

To paraphrase an old advertising adage: Room size and shape aside, what would you recommend for a Home Studio with a small budget to do to improve sound and reflection? SheetBlok has an STC of You may have to put your ear to the loudspeaker to verify auralrx the file is actually playing. I was an accomplished drummer from a very young age.

Similar results are achievable with standard auraoex batts or “blown-in” fiberglass or cellulose. Plus, the treatments assuming you choose your manufacturer carefully will last for years and years, so your investment will be amortized over quite a long period of time.

Ideal, “Double Wall” Construction. For more information on Auralex, Acoustics and Auralex University check out their site at Auralex. Well, hopefully this page can help. He asked if we could custom print this image on his acoustical treatments and tile the image around the room, giving the impression that he was at the 50 yard line when he sat in the sweet spot. We are lucky enough to have Auralex as a sponsor at Dark Horse Institute, if you are unfamiliar with Auralex, they are the premier manufacturer of acoustical treatments in the world.

Feel free to compare the WAV in Step 1 with this one. However, listening to the WAV files illustrates the additional low frequency attenuation available by using SheetBlok.


What is the most common mistake, in your opinion, that professional or home studios make in regards to room treatment? Life is a lot simpler for people if they just follow our easy-to-understand diagrams instead of going their own way and substituting different materials.

At Auralex, we do our best bend the laws of physics every day. Do not adjust auralec volume for any of the other WAV files on this page.

Thank you again for your attention! Thanks for saying so. The following WAV is a sample of the results you might expect from such an improvement in 110 construction. Auralez Eric for taking the time to speak with us, and we would like to thank you for all your generosity! There are room treatment kits available that incorporate all the products you need to accomplish what I just described.

Therefore, it would make sense if the gypsum board stopped more sound. Real Wall Comparison While comparing SheetBlok and gypsum board is all fine and grand, you are not likely autalex build a wall consisting of a single layer of any material. We’ve assembled some WAV files for you to listen to that should help put into perspective the different levels of acoustical isolation that are possible.

In case you haven’t read through Acoustics Being entrepreneurial in nature, I ascertained a need in the marketplace and set out to fill it. Ideal, “Single Wall” Construction For the best results in a retrofit type situation, we suggest tearing out the drywall, insulating between the studs with 2″ Auraalex Fiberadding resilient channel to one side, and then finishing with gypsum board, SheetBlok and gypsum board on both sides of the wall.

Treat your vertical corners with bass traps if you can afford to. Our studios at the Institute have Auralex everywhere you turn. For 11 best results in a retrofit type situation, we suggest tearing out the drywall, insulating between the studs with 2″ Mineral Fiberadding resilient channel to one side, and then finishing with gypsum board, SheetBlok and gypsum board on both sides of the wall.

Welcome to Auralex University

I have seen far, far too many people. Setup for the listening examples. No fluff, no smoke, no mirrors, no sliderules. People put up treatments that only control the mids and highs, but they neglect to implement bass trapping, either at all or not nearly as much as they truly need to attain linear, arualex control. Just don’t keep your ear by the loudspeaker when switching back to the WAV in Step 1!


Should you have any questions, you can e-mail our consulting division – consulting auralex. It is necessary for the demonstration for this file to be loud, but we cannot be held responsible for any damage to your equipment or hearing. Provided you do not adjust the volume, you will be “AB-ing” different materials and construction relative to the “No Partition” file. Still unsure about what construction is right for you?

The results are quite dramatic. Having established that, why don’t we get started? OK, so you’ve read through Acoustics Ideal, “Single Wall” Construction.

What is one of the most unique spaces you have ever installed Auralex? Control early reflections in your control room by putting treatments behind your monitors, on or suspended from the ceiling above your mixer or work surface, and on the left and right walls between you and airalex monitors.

Just cut-to-the-chase advice that normal people can easily understand and implement in their own facilities.

John Sayers’ Recording Studio Design Forum

We are also very lucky and grateful to have the President of Auralex, Eric Smith, speak to our students about Auralex, the physics of sound and how to properly uses wuralex a regular basis. We once did a high-end home theater for someone who had a photo he took at the 50 yard line at a famous football game.

That waswhich sometimes seems like yesterday and sometimes seems like a million years ago. At the same time, I began a long career as a mobile and nightclub disc jockey.