ASTM D is a test method used to study the compressive properties of a composite laminate that has a hole cut into it. The GD fixture meets the requirements of ASTM D for open-hole compressive strength testing of fiber-reinforced polymer-matrix composite. The ASTM D / DM fixture is used to perform open-hole compressive tests on multi-directional polymer matrix composite laminates reinforced with high .

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This laminate has relatively high stiffness with high notch sensitivity and was selected to produce ashm failure forces in order to evaluate the two loading methods using test laminate parameters representing the upper capability of the test method. Hydraulic wedge grips shall apply sufficient lateral pressure to prevent slippage between the grip face asstm the support?

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

Edgemounted extensometer displacement transducers are optional. The average results for each laboratory are listed in Table 2. Terminology D de?

The following general notes apply to these? The range of acceptable test laminates and thicknesses are described in 8. Store the specimens in the conditioned environment until test time, if the test environment is different than the conditioning environment. This may result in non-conservative data.


Factors considered should include the? A cutout exists on both faces of the? Your comments are invited either for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be addressed to ASTM International Headquarters. The specimen, typically, but not necessarily, a quasi-isotropic laminate, is 12″ long, 1. Factors that influence the notched compressive strength and shall therefore be reported include the following: Work D648 s – proposed revisions of this standard.

This standard is subject to revision at any time by the responsible technical committee and must be reviewed every? Ast, chamber shall asfm capable of maintaining the gage section of the test specimen at the required test environment during the mechanical test.

ASTM D6484 Open-Hole Compression (OHC) Testing of CFRP

However, cases such as elevated temperature testing of a moist specimen place unrealistic requirements on the capabilities of common testing machine environmental chambers.

The platen surfaces shall be parallel within 0.

Ma8 chining tolerances and surface? The portion of the force initially transferred into the support? If the gap is too large, shim between the support plate ast the long grip, holding the shim stock on the support plate with tape.

ASTM D Compression Fixture for Fiber Composite Laminates| GD

If the specimen is end-loaded, it may be desirable to provide some additional clamping force at the ends of the specimen, to minimize end-brooming. NOTE 5—Other valuable data that can be useful aastm understanding testing anomalies and gripping or specimen slipping problems includes force versus strain data, percent edgewise bending, and force versus time data.


The failure is often heavily in?

The calculations shown are based upon actual measured sample thickness and width. Thus, data gathered using this test method may not translate directly into equivalent thickstructure properties.

Retests shall be performed for any specimen on which values are not calculated. Record and report the specimen cutting and axtm preparation methods.

However, since the notch dominates the strength, consistent preparation of the hole, without damage to the d64884, is important to meaningful results. One of the reference coordinate system axes normally the Cartesian x-axis is designated the reference axis, assigned a position, and the ply principal axis of each ply in the laminate is referenced relative to the reference axis to de?

A Standard 12″ Long by 1. In such cases, the mechanical test environment may need aztm be modi?

ASTM D Testing Fixture

A detailed comparison of these fixtures is presented in Reference 8. The range of acceptable test laminates and thicknesses are described in 8. For typical specimen geometries, an instrument with an accuracy of 3?