The Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB) is used by the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to select candidates for pilot and flight officer training. There’s an entire subforum dedicated to the ASTB, and the website and you’ll find way better (and more) gouge there than you ever will here. Check out our ASTB Practice Test for an example of the types of questions you will see on the ASTB. Available as a web version download.

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With the exception of the NATFI, these adaptive subtests will consist of a minimum of 20 questions to a maximum of 30 questions from a test-specific question bank. Thanks for checking out our practice test.

A series of numbers and letters will sound oguge in your headset. The importance of this test cannot be overstated. The subtest scores are compiled to create 4 composite scores which are graded on a mixed stanine and point system.

For guge question, determine the best answer choice and circle it. Math Skills Test Directions: The subtest also includes questions that relate to the components and performance of engines, principles of electricity, gears, weight distribution, and the operation of simple machines, such as pulleys and fulcrums.

So, my ultimate recommendation is you look at purchasing the two above and forget about the rest.

Aviation Nautical Information Test. A Aviation Nautical Information Test 1. What the Score Predicts. If you want to take your best crack at it then we suggest you pick up a quality ASTB study guide.

Plagued with errors and misinformation, the first few books published in late had to be replaced with updated versions. The most recent test score will be used, not your highest score.


Performance Based Measures — A battery atb processing speed, dexterity and divided-attention-driven tests measuring: Since it’s a general knowledge test no study guide is going to be all encompassing. All statements refer to how you might typically think, feel, and act. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to select candidates for pilot and flight officer training programs.

ASTB-E Overview

What happens if I retest before the 90 day interval? Examinees who have taken the entire ASTB-E and are being retested must take the entire battery again even though they may be satisfied with their performance on parts of it i.

Department hours are It does have examples and a practice test, as well as recommendations for taking the test. Biographical Inventory with Response Verification: An illegal test means that the individual will not receive valid scores for the testing administration. CliffNotes has a pre-test and post-test for every section in the book including numerous practice problems for each type of math question.

Decisions regarding aviation selection are based on the combination of two scores. Perceive and understand the nature of physical relationships Solve practical problems related to mechanical principles Aviation and Nautical information Test – Measures the examinee’s ability to: The ASTB-E is a multiple choice computer test consisting of seven subtests which are designed to measure abilities that are essential to success in an aviation environment.

Although this book was not written exclusively for the ASTB many of the questions found. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Previous administrations of the ASTB forms no longer in use i. Take your time, but understand that you must keep track of your score. Unlike Barron’s, this book does not contain introductory lessons on each subtest so it wouldn’t be. How scores guoge used Students that take the entire battery will receive all four scores; however, each program utilizes different score components in the selection process.


The test dates must be within 90 calendars days from each other. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. We are asfb participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Even though students that take the entire battery receive all four scores, each program utilizes different score components in the selection process.

B Mechanical Comprehension Test 1.

Therefore, I purchased each one, read through them, checked for accuracy and took their ASTB practice test. Again, this is really just the tip of the ice berg.

ASTB Practice Test: Improve Your Flight Scores

Fortunately there are a number of books and study guides out there to help you do well and increase your score. Below you will find a comprehensive list of study guides, supplements, gouges, and sample questions to aid you in your studying for the ASTB-E.

See Affiliate and Legal to learn more about our operations. How are the numbers of runways determined? For each passage choose the answer that could only be inferred from the passage itself.