The Asnis Micro mm and. mm cannulated titanium screws dedicated for foot and hand surgery offer an effective solution for trauma and reconstructive. The Asnis Micro System is designed to facilitate surgical procedures by simplifying screw placement, insertion, and removal. Small screw diameters, with low. Asnis Micro Xpress Sterile instrument solution ® Improve efficiency Reduce OR setup time.1 Eliminate instrument clean-up.1 Reduce cost SPD not required.

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The bone screws referenced in this Operative Aanis are not approved for screw attachment or fixation to the posterior elements pedicles of the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; proposals are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. Product availability is subject to the regulatory or medical practices that govern individual markets. Flexible Reamers for Intramedullary Nails.

For minimally invasive osteosynthesis. Tell us what you need by filling in the form. Table of contents Indications and contraindications 3 Implants 4 Instruments 4 Preoperative planning More information. Get Best Price Request a quote. Arthroscopic repair of the rotator.

The Direct Aenis Gauge measures directly to the tip of the K-Wire, thus ensuring that the final screw position corresponds with the initial tip position of the K-Wire. This is unrestricted, brand name or equal requirement and will be awarded on all or none basis. Get best deals for coconut. Reverse Cutting Flutes- to facilitate implant removal. Technique Guide Orthopaedic Cable System. Asjis enter your Email ID. These important features make the The Asnis Micro System is designed to facilitate surgical procedures by simplifying screw placement, insertion and removal.


These important features make the Asnis Sanis the system of choice. Products may not be available in all markets. Compression Screw System Get Price.

The extremity is prepped and draped More information. The physician s education, training and professional judgement must be relied upon to choose the most appropriate device and treatment option. The column at the right gives you space to make personal notes.

Asnis Micro Asniis Latest Price. Information for the Patient About Surgical Information for the Patient About Surgical Decompression and Stabilization of the Spine Aging and the Spine Daily wear and tear, along with disc degeneration due to aging and injury, are common causes More information.

Take the Holding Sleeve and slide it over the Cannulated Screwdriver until it engages. Edges at the screw body enable reaming at the core hole for upper screw thread. Mobile Number Please enter Mobile Number. AutoFix Headless Compression Screws The Micrk headless screw design optimizes use in articular surfaces of joints and areas of minimal soft tissue coverage.

Get in Touch with us Stryker India Pvt. Insert the screw over the K-Wire by turning the instrument clockwise. This solicitation documents and incorporates provisions and clauses in effect through FAC For fractures, replantations, tions, and reconstruction of the hand. In order to avoid damaging the K-Wire use low speed or a manual drill.

ST Asnis Micro – MrLoanBook

Titanium Trochanteric Fixation Nail System. Biotek Chetan Meditech Pvt. Scapula Plating System Scapula Plating System Acumed is a global leader of innovative orthopaedic and medical solutions.


Cannulated Screw Systems Get Price.

Asnis Micro

Enter Your Email ID. We are dedicated to developing products, service methods and approaches that improve. These important features make the Recessed Star Screw Heads- designed to reduce stripping of the screw head by efficiently transferring the torque Low Profile Screw Heads- specially designed for micor potential of soft tissue irritation.

The solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular Optionally screws may also be taken from the screw rack by using the Screw Foreceps.

Renovis T Cannulated Screw System 3. These important features make the Asnis Micro the system of choice. Resect the medial eminence, with protection of the sagittal groove. Other factors are Technical and Delivery Schedule. Assemble the Elastosil Handle with the Cannulated Countersink by pushing the sleeve toward the tip, inserting the Countersink Head and releasing the sleeve. To disassemble the Cannulated Countersink push the sleeve forward and remove the tip.

Countersinking of the Screw Head Optional Step Where soft tissue coverage is minimal, the option for countersinking the screw head for further recess of the low profile screw head aasnis be used.

The modular hand system. Carpal Tunnel Ligament Release.