As an economic policy framework, ASGISA was underpinned by a sectorally focused industrial policy, with support to the manufacturing sector and broad. The next phase of the country’s economic policy is to be driven by the and Shared Growth Initiative, but it’s not entirely clear what Asgisa is. Some broad policy areas had been identified as main pillars for ASGISA to accelerate economic growth, including macroeconomic issues, infrastructure.

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These large interventions will be supported by the development of the Small Enterprise Development Agency based at the DTI, which is rolling out its services, making a stronger operational distinction between small and medium business and azgisa businesses, and adding to its capacity to take small businesses into manufacturing. The other high immediate priority sector is tourism. Private companies will poliy be persuaded to engage in affirmative procurement and the implementation of the relevant provisions of the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice and the relevant sector empowerment charters will be closely monitored.

This includes building or improving the 10 stadiums to be used, and investment in the environs and access to the stadiums. However appealing the association between growing manufacturing and manufacturing exports and sagisa ASGISA objectives of raising output and employment appear to be, the empirical basis for such a standpoint in South Africa is not yet established.

The Umsobomvu Youth Trust is driving a number of initiatives, many of which entail youth volunteers, to support a range of skills development programmes.

The O’Malley Archives

There will be similar placement programmes in South African companies. The State-Owned Enterprise Procurement Forum is codifying and spreading best practices for affirmative procurement. BPO refers to qsgisa trend of business worldwide, especially in countries where labour is costly, to locate back-office activities such as accounts or claims processing or front office activities like call centres in cheaper centres.

Our second decade of freedom will be the decade in which we radically asgisq inequality and virtually eliminate poverty. Countering these constraints requires a series of decisive interventions. For the next stage of business development, venture funding is key, and government is supporting efforts to establish new venture funds for small, medium and micro enterprises.

Firstly, its mandate has been extended to a larger polidy of roads and some larger road projects. We know now that we can do it, working together around an initiative which has the support of the nation. Its job will be to identify urgent skills needs and quick and effective solutions.


The AsgiSA responses range from medium-term educational interventions to raise the level of skills in areas needed by the economy to immediate measures to acquire the skills needed for the implementation of AsgiSA projects.

One key mechanism is to use the leverage of the First Economy to address the Second Economy. In addition to these growth rates, our social objectives require us to improve the environment and opportunities for more labour-absorbing economic activities.

South Africa has attracted about 5 of such jobs from the rest of the world so far. Other new elements of the EPWP will be a concerted roll-out of its Early Childhood Development component, home-based care and the finalisation of a process to support local governments in developing larger EPWP projects. For the Government, the Department of Trade and Industry DTI is developing a procedure through which 10 products will be ssgisa aside for procurement through smaller black-owned business.

Deficiencies in logistics are keenly felt in a country of South Africa’s size, with considerable concentration of production inland, and which is some distance from the major industrial markets.

In respect of municipalities, the AsgiSA process has also mandated the DPLG, in consultation with the DTI, to improve the capacity of local government to support local economic development. It may also include mentoring and overseas placement of trainees to fast-track their development. Government will regularly asigsa progress in implementation and will draw its social partners into such evaluations from time to time.

ASGISA – What does ASGISA stand for? The Free Dictionary

Government has already begun to ramp up public-sector investment. The RIA will add well-designed procedures first developed in the United Kingdom to reduce or eliminate the negative unintended consequences of laws and regulations, especially on job creation. Part of poliicy purpose of AsgiSA is to focus the energy of government and its partners. The shortfall is due to the policies of the apartheid era and the slowness of our education and skills poliy institutions to catch up with the current acceleration of economic growth.

These are powerful institutions that can be more effectively employed in our developmental efforts and support social mobilisation and pokicy participation of civil society.

Why we still believe exports for jobs will lead to shared growth: Realistically assessing the capabilities of the economy and the international environment, we have set a two-phase target.


For AsgiSA implementation, monitoring and evaluation by the executive, it has been decided poicy Cabinet that the Cabinet Committee for Investment and Employment would now have AsgiSA as a standing item for regular reports and problem-solving at its monthly meetings.

Infrastructure projects will be labour-intensive where feasible. Government will ensure that investors have access to a one-stop trouble-shooting centre, probably located at Trade and Investment South Africa. A final key area requiring institutional reform is the framework for asfisa planning and management of land use.

Many other ministers and their departments were included in the discussions, as were organised business and labour, religious leaders, youth, and women in various groupings and forums. These interventions do not amount to a shift in economic policy so much asgisq a set of initiatives to lolicy our objectives more effectively. Projects are distributed to provincial and local government through the municipal and provincial infrastructure grant programmes, while provinces and most municipalities have further funds collected from their own revenue sources for capital expenditure.

The EIA system is being reformed so that it will reduce unnecessary delays, without sacrificing environmental standards.

This includes support for the Umsobomvu Youth Fund initiative to register unemployed graduates on their database, and engage with business to participate in this initiative.

Solutions may include special training programmes, bringing back retirees or South Africans and Africans working out of Africaand drawing in new immigrants where necessary.

qsgisa A set of projects has been selected for finalisation of implementation plans, some of which are already underway. Kgomotso Nyanto reports from Johannesburg. On local government and service delivery, we are focusing on addressing the skills problems through Project Consolidate. The other form of leverage will be that all of the sector strategies, such as the strategies for tourism or BPO, will have elements addressing development goals in the Second Economy.

The Free Dictionary https: Key issues are marketing, air access, safety and skills development. One innovation to be polich in is the development of a new capital expenditure management information system by the National Treasury. References in periodicals archive?