Artoonix is a simple to use yet powerful software to create cartoons or animated movies. Animate the still pictures or drawings, import them from movies and. Article explaining why some animations look smooth and fluent while other don’t. Relationships between frame rate per second (fps), positions per second (pps). Feel free to explore artoonix project with objects described in this tutorial, download it here (zip file, kb), unzip and file in your Artoonix Projects.

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Use Simple Transform “T” to stretch it to get something like 2. Can we improve it by further increasing the pps number? Should you for any reason loose your registration code for Artoonix software, you can request it here – it will be immediately mailed to the e-mail address that you use to log into your account.

Artoonix – My account Tutorial

When logged-in, you will see your personal page with a number options that will be described below. You will be taken to Duplicate Frame 2 where the content of the previous frame is copied. The final result looks like this:. Select the option “Remember me on this computer” if you want to have the e-mail and password to be filled in automatically for you, but please remember, that this can compromise the level of confidentiality of your credentials.

By default it is set to “16”, which provides the best trade-off of quality vs. Note, that there will be an extra object on the panel – it’s created automatically every time you create a frame. Until the moment of recipient’s acceptance, you can recall your transfer.

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Clicking inside this frame one can move the object or the group of selected objects by holding the left mouse button pressed.

Besides, it is also possible to edit each track – cut some parts out, move it to the other place of the same or other track, etc. Tutorial “Pony” Pretty pony wants to play.

Now we can create the video sequence. As one can see it is ttuorial in the use of halftones and smooth color transitions. We use in this article 30fps rate unless specified otherwise.

Duplicate the petal object 4 and then use the deformation tool to make something like 5.

Use the buttons to control playing the film. Merge them into one object. At the bottom of your Project: Validate all the information especially the e-mail of the recipient!

It is strongly recommended to disable product registration code as a password ttuorial this allows to protect your account from unintended access. Basic concepts Effects of “positions tutorixl seconds” pps and fps Effects of linear velocity of movement Fast smooth movement Basic concepts To start off, let us introduce some terms that will be used throughout this article.

To resize an object, drug the markers of aryoonix frame. Make several petals and combine them into a pretty flower: Animation And do not forget – not only you can create beautiful picture in artoonix, you can bring them to life too! This is the background of our image.

Artoonix – create your own animations

You have now page Project: Pretty pony wants to play. The result is below. The drawing itself can be split into parts that can be moved, turned and scaled together or independently from each other. Feel free to explore artooni project with objects described in this tutorial, download it here zip file, kbunzip and place.

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The next step could be to combine in one frame all the objects – created as described above, and those that were made in a similar fashion: Let us try now the next parameter – movement velocity. Here’s a detailed description of the process: Let us work with a very simple animation of a square passing from the top-left corner of the screen to the bottom-right.

As you can see tutoiral animation is very choppy artoomix can hardly be called “smooth”. Group 2 – painting tools and styles – freehand, lines, squares, filled squares, ellipse, filled ellipse; paint bucket.

It is composed of several frames. For example, our Pony van be split into 8 areas:. However it does give a good ballpark figure of ensuring smooth motion. Transfer recall Until the moment of recipient’s acceptance, you can recall your transfer.

We can now blend two created objects, using, once again, the Simple Transform tool. If it is shaded, make sure you have selected the frame in the list on the left.

Here you fill in the details of the recipient, most fields are optional apart from recipient’s e-mail and name.

My account

It doesn’t look like much animation yet, so let us have a look artoonlx the way we can improve the situation and test various parameters introduced above. We will show here how one can use already existing Artoonix drawing 1. Stretch the dot to the desired size using the simple transform tool.