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This included an expanded version of “Pilate’s Court” plus a series of other texts that he claimed to have obtained himself in a visit to Rome and Constantinople and translated with the aid of Dr.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A short sketch of the Talmuds. Either way, as a Christian, what I find most disturbing is the ferocity with which others find it necessary to pronounce him a fraud and a liar?

There is a aarchko on William Dennes Mahan herewhich contains all this material, plus his obituary, and a list of his ecclesiastical appointments with references. Edited by Open Library Bot.

The archko volume ( edition) | Open Library

Taken from the ancient parchments and scrolls at Constantinople and the Vatican at Rome: But his success attracted questions. History Created April 1, 4 revisions Download catalog record: Goodspeed, Modern Apocrypha Boston: The contents are interesting:.

The Archko Volume or Archko Library [1] is a 19th-century volume containing what purports to be a series of reports from Jewish and pagan sources contemporary with Jesus vloume relate to the biblical texts describing his life. The Physical Object Pagination viii, p. It is merely giving other accounts of the life of Jesus and his contemporaries.


The archko volume Close. Mahan; said one year terminating on the 29th of the present month; and Whereas, The definite form of said suspension was more the result of sympathy for him and his family, than a desire for rigid administration of the law, and this sympathy being exercised under the hope that said W. Whereas, It now comes to the knowledge of this Pres. The omission of the Eli text suggests that the court verdict was known to the reviser.

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Other clergymen in Boonville wrote querying how he could possibly have made any such journey, given that he had only left Boonville for a couple of months. Mahan claimed the text was supplied to him in by a German scholar, Henry C. Can you add one?

When I came onto the web 13 years ago, the Archko volume was being produced by unwary believers as evidence of Jesus. Why should we believe Goodspeed? This second edition omits “Eli and the Story of the Magi” and also creates a preface using material from the introductions to the texts. The book does nothing to change the Christian faith. Report of Caiaphas to the Sanhedrim concerning the execution of Jesus. Mahan a letter of dismission [sic] and recommendation after the term of his suspension expires, have had the subject under consideration, and in view of all the surrounding facts, and in view of the interests of the Church, we recommend the following: He later revised the book as Modern Apocrypha.


Constantine’s letter in regard to having fifty copies of the Scriptures written and bound. Mahan would use all proper efforts to heal the wounds his course had inflicted; and, Whereas, It now comes to the knowledge of this Pres. Most tellingly, large portions of “Eli and the Voulme of the Magi” were copied verbatim frree the novel Ben-Hur.

The Archko Volume Or The Archeological Writings Of The Sanhedrim And Talmuds Of The Jews

Mahan perhaps thought to emulate the sort of fiction that Rider Haggard was writing in the same period, but did so too ineptly for his own good. He promised to withdraw the book from publication.

Goodspeed and published in his books Strange New Gospels and Modern Apocrypha ; more recently Per Beskow has identified Mahan’s original sources and reported on subsequent editions of the Archko Volume. This page was last edited on 6 Mayat No new original material is included, which suggests that this version was produced by a publisher’s clerk. Valleus’s notes; “Acta Pilati,” or Pilate’s report to Caesar of the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus.

Edition Notes Genre Apocryphal and legendary literature. I placed it online hereand you may read about the Archko volume accordingly.

Beacon Press, Resolved, That the suspension of the said Tree.