OpenWRT on the Experia Box v8 (Arcadyan Astoria Networks VGV). Above: my upstairs neighbour happens to run a stock Experia Box v8. Hi All, I just replace my zyxel with Experia box v8. Was wondering where can I get the manual for this router as I would like to know what more. Don’t forget about our other KPN Experia-Box info that you might be interested in. Login to KPN Experia-Box Router · KPN Experia-Box WiFi Instructions · KPN.

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The other ones eventually come loose if you prod and twist with a screwdriver long enough. Well, they do mention it, but arcadyn hidden in the comments to a commit.

Now we should be able to manually boot OpenWRT: Same as swapping each block of 2 bytes. Time for a more serious approach: Bestand scannen voor virussen Sorry, we zijn de inhoud van dit bestand nog expria het controleren om er zeker van te zijn dat het veilig is om te downloaden.

Now we need to find a way of setting up a JTAG connection. Now we should be able to manually boot OpenWRT:.


OpenWRT on the Experia Box v8 (Arcadyan Astoria Networks VGV)

Maak een account aan Inloggen met Facebook Inloggen met Facebook of. I had the most luck with a kind of twisting motion. Registreren Heb je al een account? Let’s copy the RAM image to our workdir and do a byteswap on the fly with this terrible oneliner: Now that we can connect to the router and load our own version of U-Boot, let’s overwrite the stock bootloader in flash memory to make our changes permanent.

We sturen een e-mail met instructies om het wachtwoord opnieuw in te stellen. Clone the Git repo: Then I set the tftp connection parameters on the switch and saved them to flash to make them persistent: Opening the case The case is held together by two screws underneath the rubber feet and eight click fingers.

Arcadyan KPN Experia Box v8

Our ultimate goal is to overwrite the locked bootloader in flash memory, so that we can install an OpenWRT image. Colleagues later told me that this model is known among consumers for having poor wireless connectivity, something that web reviewers also note — oh well.

On the serial console, you should now be getting an U-Boot prompt: Maak een account aan. Wat is je telefoonnummer? What the repo doesn’t tell you is that you need to byte-swap the images before loading them into the router, or they won’t work.


Now let’s configure U-Boot to boot the image automatically after a two-second timeout: Wat is je klantnummer? Heb je nog geen forumaccount? VGV setenv ipaddr Contact Commit a9a at Sun Nov 11 The factory password remains uncracked.

We maken gebruik van 3 verschillende soorten cookies. We hebben basiscookies nodig om deze site te laten werken, daarom moet je ten minste deze selecteren. I followed this excellent description and just copypasted their commands.

The first click finger is a freebie and unlatches by pressing the hole in the bottom with a screwdriver. I figured this out by comparing flash dumps to the data I thought I’d written, and noticing that they were not the dxperia. We can now start OpenOCD inside our work dir and confirm that we have a connection to the board:.