Secondary angle closure glaucoma resulting from total anterior synechia leads to gradual bulging of the cornea. Corneal exposure can result in chronic keratitis. Looking for online definition of anterior staphyloma in the Medical Dictionary? anterior staphyloma explanation free. What is anterior staphyloma? Meaning of. histopathological features of congenital corneal staphyloma are discussed, as well as the possible anteroposterior length, with an abnormal anterior segment .

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Left eye examination revealed inferior superficial punctate keratopathy without the evidence of an infection. No specific financial support was available for this study. None of the authors have any potential conflicts of interest to disclose.

anterior staphyloma

Corneal exposure can result in chronic keratitis, epithelial metaplasia and keratinization. The crystalline lens was found to be in place. Thank you Your feedback has been sent. Ophthalmic Surg Lasers Imaging. External disease and cornea.

Trans Am Ophthalmol Soc. The patient was hospitalized to ensure compliance with the prescribed treatment and was advised to undergo therapeutic keratoplasty; however, the patient left the hospital against medical advice and was lost to follow-up for the anterioor 6 months. Acquired anterior staphylomas most frequently occurs because of untreated perforated ulcers 1. A staphyloma is an abnormal protrusion of the uveal tissue through a weak point in the eyeball.


Our patient underwent a large sclerokeratoplasty; however, because of the loss to xnterior, we do not know the possible complications he could postoperatively develop. When related to myopia, the vision correction or disturbance is usually from the myopia alone although the staphylomatous protrusion in the back of the eye can contribute to visual distortion.

The iris appeared to adhere to the entire cornea. Richard E Bensinger MD. Cont Lens Anterior Eye. How to cite this article.

Treatment options in cases of anterior staphyloma include penetrating keratoplasty, mushroom grafts, sclerokeratoplasty, and dural patch 6 – 8. The ectatic corneal protrusion is lined on its inner surface by uveal tissue causing the blue hue.

Keratectasia is probably not a developmental abnormality and seems to occur secondary to intrauterine keratitis or vitamin deficiency leading to corneal perforation. Report of two cases. When the cornea perforates, the iris plugs the wound, and stapyyloma pseudocornea forms over the iris. Cocaine can staphylima a direct toxic effect on the cornea by damaging epithelial plasma membranes and microvilli, or the repeated exposure to cocaine may anherior in decreased corneal sensation and poor blink reflex; moreover, the alkaline nature of crack cocaine could cause low-grade chemical burns to the cornea.


He was homeless and admitted to using crack cocaine daily over the past 4 months. Not every question will receive a direct response from an ophthalmologist. It occurs due to weakening of outer layer of eye cornea or sclera by an inflammatory or degenerative condition.

Congenital corneal staphyloma seems to entail a hopeless visual prognosis. How common anetrior retinal detachment for people with high myopia?

Congenital Corneal Staphyloma

However, we will follow up with suggested ways to find appropriate information related to your question. July 30, ; Accepted: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

On microscopic examination, the cornea demonstrated diffuse ectasia and the corneal epithelium anterkor hyperkeratosis, parakeratosis, acanthosis and irregular elongation of rete pegs. Initially, his visual acuity was light perception in OD, and slit-lamp examination revealed a corneal infiltrate with a peripheral perforation and an iris prolapse. Slit-lamp examination of the right eye revealed an inflamed conjunctiva, a total epithelial defect, a large 5.