Catteau la Métaphorique des utopies dans la littérature Russe et de son Traitement chez Andrej Platonov. Revue des Études Slaves, Vol. 56 (No. 1) ( ). Stalin called him scum. Sholokhov, Gorky, Pasternak, and Bulgakov all thought he was the bee’s knees. But when Andrei Platonov died in. View the profiles of people named Andrej Platonov. Join Facebook to connect with Andrej Platonov and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power.

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Andrei Platonov – Wikipedia

You’ve argued that Russians will eventually come to recognise Platonov as their greatest prose writer. Set against a backdrop of industrialisation and collectivisation, The Foundation Pit is fantastical yet realistic, funny yet tragic, andre moving pltaonov yet disturbing.

Utopian texts can be divided into three types if we are to divide them by their relationship to food and the words and attributes used to describe it. He also uses much Christian symbolism, including a prominent and discernible influence from a wide range of contemporary and ancient philosophers, including the Russian philosopher Nikolai Fedorov.

Andrej Platonov Research Papers –

Although, like a number of other worker writers many of whom he had become acquainted with through Kuznitsa and at the congresshe may have quit the party in dismay over the New Economic Policy NEP.

Communism with a Nonhuman Face. Brodsky commented “Woe to the people into whose language Andtej Platonov can be translated. His aim was to turn industry over to machines, in order to “transfer man from the realm of material production to a higher sphere of life.


From childhood memories he knew how strange and sad it is after a long absence lpatonov see a familiar place again, for these unmoving objects have no memory and do not recognize the stirrings of a stranger’s heart. And there is no knowing how important Platonov’s andrem was to younger writers. She has deepened my understanding of almost every sentence. Following the revolutions, he studied electrical technology at Voronezh Polytechnic Institute.

The Siberian Viktor Astafiev wrote in his memoir: When he did return to writing in andreh, however, a number of critics and readers noted the appearance of a major and original literary voice. Some of his work was published or reprinted during the s’ Khrushchev Thaw.

He considers again andrejj to his friends. This exploration of meaninglessness is a hallmark of existentialism and absurdism. Vasily Grossmanfor example, was a close friend. Grossman, Platonov and Shalamov, however, belong to a generation 10 to 20 years younger. In this study of the relationship between Russian popular culture and the work of five Soviet prose writers, Olesha, Platonov, Kharms, Bulgakov and Vaginov, Dr. Retrieved from ” https: When they started loading the rafts, the whole village gathered together.

Platonov’s stories work on many levels. Russia Europe Fiction in translation features. In anndrej published a book about the Black Sea Revolt of More fun to ponder and puzzle out from these words, whose truth we sense instinctively, our own truth.


As a hammer in a forge, he is linked both to Stalin, whose name means “man of steel” and to Molotovwhose name means “hammerer”. Daniel Kalder caught up with Chandler to talk about why more people should be reading Platonov.

They met frequently during Platonov’s last years and read their work out loud to each other. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Andrey Platonov. All I can say myself is that all languages have norms that can be infringed, and that we do our best to infringe English norms just as Platonov infringes Russian norms.

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The House of Government.

And does he sound more “normal” in andrje original than in translation? Views Read Edit View history. Vosstanie v Chernomorskom flote v godu: There were two reasons for retranslating it.

But this game of make-believe had dragged on for a long time,for eternity, and nobody felt like laughing anymore. But he didn’t believe they would.

Recommendations wanted 76 Jul 24, Refresh and try again. All of them, at least for a while and to some degree, shared the hopes of the revolution.